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 New MvC thread

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New MvC thread Empty
PostSubject: New MvC thread   New MvC thread Icon_minitimeFri Nov 08, 2013 12:25 pm

On the topic of UMvC3:
So Heshen-ko is pretty much the most useless character in the game because low mobility, weak range, and weak damage...

I've realized one good thing for her though...

anti-Zero tech. Have her in reserve with the super armor hyper active, then if your character is KO'd, Heshen-ko comes in with hyper armor, zero's near unblockable mix up set up is useless!
this wil also work with against set-ups as well I presume.

you play MvC2, but did you say it was for Xbox or PS3? I got some microsoft points for my birthday from cara, and if it's the Xbox version you have, I might just get MvC2 so we can battle
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New MvC thread
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