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PostSubject: Hades   Hades Icon_minitimeThu Nov 14, 2013 2:35 am

Hades Confid10
List of Hades Expressions:
Name: Hades
Gender: Male
Race: God/Deity
Hair Color: Red, Green, and Pink
Eye Color: Orange
Homeland: Underworld
Affiliations: Underworld Army(Former)
Role: Former Ruler of the Underworld

After being defeated by Pit, he was reduced to a disembodied voice. When Zerdark took over as ruler of the Underworld, he decided to live in his successor's head. He can't do anything more than make the occasional sarcastic comment about Zerdark. As he now lives in his head, he knows everything about him. He is also able to allow others to see a faint image of what he used to look like, the image being fainter the farther it is being projected. Other than that, he is completely powerless. Holds some respect for Zerdark and his power, but can't resist mocking him, as it is one of the only things he can do in his current state.

Likes: Destruction, Manipulation, Monsters, Women, Jokes, Trolling, screwing with people's lives.

Dislikes: Angels, People with no sense of humor, Holiness.

Here's a link to my bios.
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