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 Time Gear's Cave

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Time Gear's Cave Empty
PostSubject: Time Gear's Cave   Time Gear's Cave Icon_minitimeFri Apr 04, 2014 12:17 am


A long, wooden clicking emanates from deep inside the cave. The glow of the Time Gear illuminating the darkness, a wooden dummy and a Golett stand side by side at the temple stairs.

The Golett turns to its companion. ^Are you sure there's to be an 'evil presence' trying to steal the Time Gear? We have been standing for a good while now, but there has yet to be an intruder.^

^Do you doubt me? HA! Well, I suppose it IS rather unbelievable given the circumstances... And the fact hardly anyone ever comes here... But! Fear not, my dear Golett buddy! The evil presence shall arrive! Any second now...^

^Or rather any day... Or week...^

^... I get the message. But we have nothing else to really do, so why not?^

^I suppose you have a point there...^


^What? No joke?^

^I would never joke about this! By the gods, this presence... It's approaching at a rapid pace! It'll be here in less than a minute!^

^Holy...! That fast!? But this part of the cave stretches out for about 30 minutes when running!^

Either or foe is being aided, or we're facing a powerful force... Ready yourself, friend.^

As if on cue, less than a minute later, a black haired swordsman appears, and in the blink of an eye unsheathes his blades.

"You there. I come on behalf of my master. Give me the Time Gear."

^As if we'll surrender to a fiend like you! You appear to be under a spell, but even so, I cannot let you take this Time Gear!^ The wooden dummy raises it's foot in the air and brings it down, cracking the floor. As it does this, it poses, ready for battle. It's fighting stance resembles that of the legendary King of Iron Fist.

"... Very well. I had hoped not to have to cut down any foes, but if this is the path you have chosen..." He brings his swords together, small sparks flying from them, and brings them to his sides, posing almost like a Samurai...

The Golett, not one to be left out, readies itself to fight.


The battle was long and arduous. The Guardians surprisingly managed to hold off the swordsman for quite a while, but unfortunately, the man eventually takes the upper hand and manages to knock Golett unconscious. Mokujin fights for a while longer before eventually succumbing to injuries.

^I've been... Defeated!? How can this be!?^ The dummy falls on its knees, collapsed from exhaustion.

The Golett, however, is lying on the ground, having fainted.

Meanwhile, the swordsman, having apparently received little damage, simply unsheathes his swords and approaches the Time Gear's altar. With nary a side glance, he slowly moves his hands towards the Gear. In one swift motion, he snatches the Gear and runs quickly.

The man has already run out of the room, leaving the two guardians lying there. With the Time Gear no longer in place, the altar crackles. A sort of bubble begins forming, quickly engulfing the altar. The guardians knew what this meant.

Without the Time Gear, time itself has stopped. In moments, the whole area would be completely frozen in time.

The wooden dummy makes no effort to move, shaken. ^I've failed... I've failed my job as a guardian... I can't even protect the Time Gear, how am I supposed to defend the Earth...?^ he lies there, intending to let the time rupture swallow him, to mark his failure...

But something changed the instant he saw Golett lying unconscious.

^No... I cannot let my partner suffer this fate... Who knows how long until time is restored?^ In an instant, he hoists Golett up and begins to run out of the cave, only narrowly avoiding the growing hole threatening to swallow them up and completely freeze them.

... In moments, the whole cave and the surrounding area stands frozen. Not even the falling leaves from the trees close to the entrance move an inch from the place they were in. Everything is frozen.

Mokkujin stands watching this, still hoisting Golett. Luckily for them, they only just escaped the area, and stand just outside it. He knew if they tried to step foot in there again they'd simply be frozen in place, so he didn't even try.

^I suppose we're lucky to have escaped... But what now? I've no clue where that fiend is or what he plans to do with the Time Gear... Or what I'm to do now...^
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Time Gear's Cave
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