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 Robot Zerdark

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PostSubject: Robot Zerdark   Robot Zerdark Icon_minitimeSun Jun 22, 2014 9:07 pm

Name: Zerdark
Known Aliases: Robot Overlord. Robo Boss. Robot Zerdark. Android Zerdark. Android Z.
Role: The Evil Robot Overlord.
Race: Android.
Gender: Male Programming.
Age: ???
Skin Color: Dark gray.
Hair Color: Silver.
Eye Color: Red.
Suit Color: Black.
Creator: Dark Cave Johnson(Deceased)
Overseer?: That Man
Wife: Robot FeMU

Main Theme:

Angry Theme:

Last Stand Theme:

This discolored version of Zerdark was created by Dark Aperture CEO, Dark Cave Johnson, for the express purpose of taking Cipher down, and as a mockery of the real Zerdark. He is everything Zerdark has pretended to be for the past few centuries. Evil, calculating, ruthless, indifferent towards life, fearless, etc. However, he does have a soft spot for his robotic family. Like the real Zerdark, he gets especially angry if his family is messed with in any way. An example being when he murdered his own creator for attempting to order his wife around, and when he threatened to blow up the planet when he thought his wife was destroyed. Since learning about his wife's return and about That Man helping her, he's much more cooperative with him. After the failed Robot Invasion, he escaped thanks to his wife and That Man.

Loves: His robot family.
Likes: Some of his fellow robots. Battle. Shares some likes with the real Zerdark.
Dislikes: Shares most of the real Zerdark's dislikes. Having to destroy the robots on Cipher's side.
Hates: His creator. Treachery. Lies. Hackers(Whom he views as rapists). Those who employ tactics cheaper than what he used.

Other Notes: He is usually a calm and collected individual, but when angered, he goes completley insane. When calm, he is merely indifferent towards human life, but is willing to cooperate with humans he views as useful. He also seems a bit more receptive to the human counterparts of his family than to other humans. When angered by humans, he switches over to complete and utter hatred for them, including the human counterparts of his family. If he feels he no longer has anything to lose, he's willing to destroy the entire planet and if that fails, he's willing to self destruct. He shows an interest in his human counterpart.

Known Relationships:

Robot FeMU: His robot wife. Loves her like the real Zerdark loves his wife. Would destroy the planet if she were gone forever.

Wheatley Replica: A replica of the real Wheatley. The relationship is roughly the same as the real Zerdark and Wheatley's.

Dark Cave Johnson: His deceased creator. He absolutely despises him, similar to the way the real Zerdark hates his father. He views him as a useless, paranoid, pseudo scientist.

That Man: Robot Zerdark is willing to cooperate with him due to his role in helping his wife, though he remains cautious due to the fact he had no prior knowledge of his plans. He will however continue to trust him as long as his wife does.

Here's a link to my bios.
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Robot Zerdark
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