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Furfrou with a tophat
Furfrou with a tophat

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PostSubject: Choice of Games   Choice of Games Icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2014 8:41 pm

I've mentioned a few of these lately and figured it deserved its own topic. Basically, CoG is a company that does CYOAs, and the ones I've played are all very good. Note that there are no visuals or any such fancy things, just text. All of them have a few chapters for free as a demo, with the full game only being a couple bucks. Choice of Robots is currently on sale on Steam and I highly recommend it.

The fully free ones (that I know of) are Dragon, Broadsides, Romance, Vampire and Zombies.

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Choice of Games XQzZOKi
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PostSubject: Re: Choice of Games   Choice of Games Icon_minitimeWed Dec 24, 2014 9:47 am

wait certain ones are free whaaaaaaaaat :0


/goes to look at the Zombies one

Adults in age, maybe not in mentality, because God knows I don't qualify for that.

I'd totally buy this for five bucks. In the black market. On Steam Greenlight. During a flash sale.
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Choice of Games
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