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 Quetzalcoatl, Harvest Goddess

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PostSubject: Quetzalcoatl, Harvest Goddess   Quetzalcoatl, Harvest Goddess Icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2015 1:03 am

"Take off my clothes and bring me some milk. I want to relax as I intended myself to."
Quetzalcoatl, Harvest Goddess SQziE5m
Class: Harvest Deity

Age: ?
Gender: Female
Race: Quetzalcoatl
Height: 20ft
Weight: 150lbs
Blood Type: -
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Green
Scale Color: Green
Feather Color: Green

Quetzalcoatl is haughty and selfish, spending her days idly entertaining and fulfilling herself without consideration for others. She is a hedonistic being, lusty and gluttonous, and prefers to have others bring what she wants to her. She doesn't like to put in a single inch of work if she doesn't have to, and often spends nearly eighteen hours a day asleep.
She is egotistical to a high degree, and believes herself superior to every other form of sentience. She calls herself the goddess, and expects subservience from those around her. She isn't afraid to hurl around a bit of lightning and thunder to persuade someone.
She's usually in a fairly good mood, if lethargic, and she tends to be quite coy with her words. She doesn't get angry as easily as one would expect, and seems to have a soft spot for those with young or simple minds.
Somewhat contradictorily, she finds housework and domestic maintenance refreshing, and does it on an occasional whim. She also seems to have a motherly streak, caring for her subordinates with unusual tenderness.

Quetz lacks the energy and willpower to make it to dinner, but she has a powerful body and a tremendously light frame. She's never been caught sick.
Every now and then it seems that her passion kicks into overdrive, or she's just really good at getting into a mood over something.

Quetz is an intelligent and intentionally provocative person. She is fairly talented at emotional manipulation, but nearly twenty years of mindless followers have left her out of practice.

Once upon a time, a small village on the plains suffered a bad harvest, and miles away from any cities, began to starve. The townsfolk pleaded to the heavens for something to relieve them, and for three days, went unanswered. On the fourth day, however, a beautiful winged snake descended from above, her radiant power clear to the villagers. They immediately beseeched her for help, to heal the crops or the people.
All too willing to oblige for these mortal peons, she went to the fields, the entire able town following. There, she took a plant in her hands, and seemed to focus for a moment. In a blink, the entire field was revived, the crops full and alive.
She was praised as a savior by the people, and quickly became a figure of worship, being called the 'Harvest Goddess.' She promised that she would continue to help them, year after year, if they would simply listen to her words and wisdom as their guidance.
They accepted so quickly, and so the goddess made one more request:
A single man to cater to her needs, becoming her divine servant.
Some years later, a child indoctrinated on her principles was presented to her: Samuel Drakard.
Over the course of (some number), she nurtured him to adulthood, and he provided her with an extra hand throughout her duties. He was envied, in fact, by some of the followers, but he was also respected for being in such a position.
As of now, she occupies a small shrine in the village, outfitted with various magitek conveniences.

Likes: Honey, corn, sleeping
Dislikes: Most livestock, cold weather

Quetz has an enormous amount of magical power for one of her activity levels and lack of studying, and has a dazzling array of spells to choose from. She is most proficient in weather-related and curative spells, and specializes in lightning and wind. Other elements and schools are feasible, but she struggles to remember those incantations.

•Presence of God
Quetz is capable of exerting a powerful gravity field around her, forcing creatures to the ground and rooting objects in place.
•Creator's Blood
Quetz is capable of reviving plantlife and nonsentient beings from the dead, provided they have not been dead for long and have not naturally aged to death. This extends to sentient beings in that she can stall death's door quite easily.


What do you think of the planetarium?
That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what.
All of the stars in all of the skies are waiting for you.

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Quetzalcoatl, Harvest Goddess
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