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 Shara Colton

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PostSubject: Shara Colton   Shara Colton Icon_minitimeTue Feb 17, 2015 1:06 am

"It'll be okay now, right..?"

Class: Nightblade

Age: 39
Birthday: April 3, 1977
Gender: Female
Race: Narugan
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 105lbs
Blood Type: O
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Luminescent Red


Shara Colton 609c5510

(I'll rearrange later)

Shara is a quiet girl (though I suppose it would be woman now) who rarely speaks what's on her mind. She has almost crippling shyness around new people, and is still rather reserved around closer people. She tends to have trouble expressing herself even when she tries, and she's easily upset by trivial things, especially perceived flaws with herself.
She's very cautious and gentle, and she's very peaceful by nature. She doesn't like conflicts of any kind, and tries to keep everyone happy. She tends to get caught up by herself, however, getting extremely flustered, and she's extremely prone to panic.
A long time ago, she used to be somewhat emotionally unstable, and was very prone to bouts of depression, but she's resolved those issues now, with the help of her husband.
Did I mention how she is with her family? As a husband to Duval, and a mother to Othello, she's a very devoted woman, unafraid of showering them both with her affections, full of love and trust.

Shara grew up parentless in one of the few remaining Narugan forest tribes, mostly fending for herself. She was aloof from the rest, hardly keeping contact with anyone, and could disappear into the forest for days without anybody noticing.
At one point, after she had become an adult by her tribal standards, a man appeared in the settlement, calling himself Duval Colton.
She grew curious through his talk of the world outside of the forest, and after he left, she followed a few days after, intending to see the city.
Unfortunately, her 'primitive' garb and demeanor attracted the attention of the wrong sort of folk, and she was mercilessly harassed by a couple of citizens.
Spotting the act, Duval interfered, chasing
off the bullies and attempting to comfort the sobbing Narugan. She calmed down soon enough, and the two began to consider themselves friends afterwards.
After Duval came to her aid, she asked nervously if she could share a residence with him, so he could help her get accommodatedi wkth her new environment, to which he agreed. The life of the two roommates began, and after some time, the two found themselves happily married, and with a son named Othello.

Shara is a mediocre cook with most ingredients, but she is an excellent chef when preparing seafood of all kinds.
Shara has a high degree of finesse, making her well-suited for precision work.
Shara possesses rudimentary ironsmithing skills, and in fact forged her son's sword.
She is very good at painting and sketching, and she has an excellent hand for string instruments, particularly sitars.
Shara is bad at teaching, but she has good practical knowledge for various situations.
She has an excellent survival instinct.
Shara has nightvision, seeing in infrared. She also has enhanced hearing and smell.

In battle, Shara is a potentially lethal force, possessing extreme speed and dexterity, and her small stature makes dancing around enemies and easy feat. Wielding a knife and a her own body, she can quickly take down enemies if they get too careless.

• Hunter's Knife
A sturdy knife measuring about 18cm in length, with a very hard blade. Almost perfectly balanced, so it can be used for throwing as well as melee combat.
• (Natural) Wingblades
The large blades on her arms and clearly not just for show, and can fan out very quickly, slicing apart intervening flesh. The blades dull often, but they do not break easily.
• (Natural) Tail
Her tail is not just for decoration either. Made of nearly solid muscle, it can be employed for devastating strikes, made even more dangerous by the spikes all along the end. These spikes can be fanned out like a porcupine's quills for a lethal strike, or they can actually be launched from the tail with a whip motion, acting as throwing knives.
If cut off, the tail will regrow in one or two months.

• Survival Instinct
A sixth sense allows Shara to locate sources of water more easily.
• Natural Camoflauge
When hiding in relatively shadowed areas, Shara becomes harder to spot than the normal figure of her size and shade. She also gains this effect in completely shadowed zones.


What do you think of the planetarium?
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All of the stars in all of the skies are waiting for you.

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Shara Colton
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