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PostSubject: Tias   Tias Icon_minitimeWed Feb 18, 2015 12:26 am

//Minor Character//

"(You should feel privileged that I take time out of my day to ask you for fish, you know.)"

Tias Blue_jewel_wyvern

Class: Dragonet

Age: 11~?
Gender: Female
Race: Dragonet
Height: 1'10"
Weight: 20lbs

Tias is a very prideful creature, considering herself the most important of all and placing her basic needs above others. She's loyal, however, and actually willing to put up with a lot for the sake of others.
She's lazy and lethargic, not prone to much activity, but she loves fishing more than almost anything, especially when she gets trout.

Tias was found by Helios with a broken wing, having snagged herself on a branch and fallen. Helios helped it heal, and in the six weeks it took to heal, Helios remained by her to make sure it set right.
During this time, Tias developed a friendly affection for him, and when she was well, she followed him wherever he went.
Eventually, Helios acquired the ability to speak with dragons, and the two immediately struck up the friendship you see today.
She's stuck with him ever since, as much a part of the Ul'Arao family as anyone else.

Tias has flight abilities similar to that of a medium-sized bird. She can also reach very high diving speeds.
She is very good at fishing with her claws.
She is very good at sleeping anywhere.


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