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 Syntax Rilia

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PostSubject: Syntax Rilia   Syntax Rilia Icon_minitimeWed Feb 18, 2015 12:37 am

"My duty is to serve."
Class: Assistant
Syntax Rilia Syntax12
Age: 21
Birthday: April 1, 1995
Gender: Female
Race: Magimaton
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130lbs
Blood Type: O
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color:  Green

Syntax is a well-proportioned woman, with a very slight hourglass figure, somewhat broad shoulders, and a fairly generous bust. She can cut a fairly masculine appearance at times, but she is still distinctly feminine. She is fit and toned, and in decent athletic condition.
Her hair is a bright crimson, practically fiery, and her eyes are a brilliant, almost perfectly pure green. Her features are well-defined, but at the same time, quite normal. She has a slight pout to her lips, and her eyebrows often seem upturned slightly.

Syntax is nearly the definition of 'professionalism.' She was created from an artifact meant to create servants, and as such, she has been ingrained with an appropriate demeanor for her entire life.
It is not to say that she has no humor, or no sense of entertainment, but she tends to approach things very seriously. She is devoted to assisting others(as she so often terms it) as much as she can, and actually feels restless during short periods without work. She is fairly friendly, but she will make no pretenses around those she does not care for.

Created 20 years ago(1995), Syntax is a magimaton born from the Genesis Contract artifact(which is now extinct and discarded) as a servant to the holder. Syntax claims that her creator is the scientist Comet Avoire, but he appears to have no recollection of her. Not that she particularly cares anymore.
After finding herself divested of her original master, she tried to search for him, and found her way to Linfall. She decided she would stay there for some time, and made herself quickly useful around the town.
Eventually, while in the forest, she happened across a girl named Lina, who had been living there in the wild for who knows how long. Ignoring the girl's attempts at hostility, she stayed with her for some time, befriending her in short time.
Afterwards, for the next while, she visited her frequently, and the two soon became close, and Lina finally agreed to come to Linfall.
They took up residence together, afterwards, and began to lead a comfortable life in the village.
Eventually, somehow, even considering Syntax's somewhat over-professional demeanor, they became romantically involved. The results of that are evident in their two children, Luke and Styla Rilia.

Syntax is good at practically any job you give her, but she operates best when she has specific orders to work by. She is very knowledgable about a variety of domestic duties, and she also possesses quite a bit of scientific knowledge.
She is fairly decent at military tactics, and has a good grasp of the flow of the competitive mindset, if that makes sense.
She has excellent reflexes, borne of many years of catching vials and beakers, and she has a high degree of motor control.

Syntax only has access to physical combat, unfortunately, but she does well with any kind of weapon.
She can play a variety of roles, as long as she has the right equipment.

• Versatility
Syntax can learn how to use any weapon after only a few seconds or minutes.
• Dispersed Damage
When taking damage, Syntax does not suffer actual wounds, but rather loses a measure of magic and thus integrity of being.


What do you think of the planetarium?
That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what.
All of the stars in all of the skies are waiting for you.

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Syntax Rilia
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