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 Exoskeletons - Tod's New Adonia Characters

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PostSubject: Exoskeletons - Tod's New Adonia Characters   Exoskeletons - Tod's New Adonia Characters Icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2015 7:05 pm

WIP info for new characters:

Momo Noronor

Chase and Edwin Noronor - Minor/Background Characters
Chase and Edwin Noronor are a relatively easygoing couple who dabble in the arcane arts. Chase can control fire and water, and several of his paintings reference the elements. Edwin is a monk who composes hymns and heals the sick and injured. They both are experienced in the ways of the world, but now stay in their village peacefully.

Antoinette d'Argent - Main Character
Antoinette is the heir to the throne of [nation]. She longs to return to her house by the sea, but remains in the castle. She dislikes her father's rule and fights against the betrothal he has established.

Nataniel d'Argent - Plot Character/Antagonist
The king who shows a great deal of apathy for his people's suffering. He spends a great deal of money on his own entertainment and none on protecting the nation. His father, Ralfas, recently passed away. He is known for imposing harsh punishments on his subjects and vassals, many of whom now dislike his leadership.

Meres Myltes - Main Character
Meres is the neighbor and best friend of Momo. He is a reckless child and wants desperately to go on an adventure. He knows a small bit of swordplay from the blacksmith, but lacks skill and training.

Beta Bios:

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Exoskeletons - Tod's New Adonia Characters
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