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 Character Collective List and Color Codes

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Character Collective List and Color Codes Empty
PostSubject: Character Collective List and Color Codes   Character Collective List and Color Codes Icon_minitimeMon Feb 23, 2015 11:36 pm

Lao - darkviolet
Neena - neonyellow
Desna - blueviolet
Trais - lightsteelblue
Syntax - red
Styla - maroon
Helios - brick
Tias - skyblue
Gul'ka - slategray
Chelsea - orange
Dhaein - wheat
Shara - dimgray
Othello - brown
Kaarme - limegreen
Asteikko - yellowgreen
Quetzalcoatl - darkgreen
Zeig - royalblue
Maya - ivory
Jeanne - seagreen
Fleur - lime
Ardon - cadetblue
Rosa - ghostwhite
Monica - mediumpurple
Stella - goldenrod
Makoto - orange
Eri - olivedrab
Emilio - magenta
Nicholas - beige
Hazama - forestgreen
Soiree - olive
Freya - crimson
Ignis - fuchsia
Beatrice - BE2625 (strawberry)
Yuffie - saddlebrown
Eileen - black
Gerome - pink
Nessina - seablue


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Character Collective List and Color Codes
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