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 Continent: Zima

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PostSubject: Continent: Zima   Continent: Zima Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 6:52 pm

A small continent northwest of Drachurst, it is the northern and western edges are perpetually cloaked in snow. The only coastline exists on the southeast edge, the rest being nothing but rocky cliffs. The continent is home to three nations: Mimika, Vlast, and Aberria. The continent is notable for the magical 'dead zones' that pepper the landscape. Inside of these deadzones, most lf which are large and permanent, magitech will only survive for a few uses or a short time, and spells cannot be cast. Dragons, demons, and other extraordinary species seem to be immune to these dead zones. All technology developed in Zima is powered by electricity kinetic energy, with the exception of Vlast's modified magitech, which is generally low-use devices that run on magitech batteries.
A massive mountain range splits the continent into two, and another set of mountains line the northwestern coast, called "Horske".
The civilian zone of Vlast sits in a crater with the central mountain range, while the city itself sits on the other side from Aberria.
On the western side of the mountain range, the land takes on a negative sort of aspect to the rest of it, being almost completely shrouded in a massive dead zone, with only brief pockets of magical ability.

A country that occupies the southeastern region, they control the entire coastline, keeping a monopoly on international commerce. They are agricultural inland, but the coastline boasts the country's pride and joy: The Six Towers, twenty-story skyscrapers that space the coastline, serving as guardians and exhibits of the country's status.

History: Historically, Aberria has served as a gateway to the rest of Zima, and as an intermediary between the three countries. It is a peaceful nation, acting passively and diplomatically. However, ten years ago(2005), Aberria passed an embargo against all foreign countries, and has since then, by accounts of refugees, been embroiled in war with Vlast and Mimika.

Exports: Corn, tubers, grains, various vegetables.

A highly developed country occupying the northern region of Zima, its primary investments are in architectural technology, life-improvement technology, and the research of magitech. Despite Brick City, its capital, being located in the middle of the largest void on the continent, various auxiliary cities put hundreds of hours into studying magitech and learning about it.

History: A year after Mimika declared war on Aberria, it joined in order to replenish depleted food supplies.

Exports: Modified magitech, entertainment devices, architects.

A highly developed nation that specializes in military technology and research on the beasts of Zima. They occupy the western region, boasting the most frequent magical voids and the worst weather. The country is composed of two regions; A militarized zone that spans the borders and reaches across the central mountain range to shield the eastern zone from predators, and a civilian zone in the center where residents live.

History: When Aberria passed the embargo, Mimika declared war after two diplomatic meetings, assaulting the smaller country.

Exports: Soldiers, biologists, guides, utility machines such as snowsleds.


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Continent: Zima
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