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 Town: Zera

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Town: Zera Empty
PostSubject: Town: Zera   Town: Zera Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 6:54 pm

This small town situated just on the edge of the tundra is known for its sleepy atmosphere and Lord Tsuien. It holds a small permanent population, and shares temporary residents with Arreas, Livran Town and Berkshire.
History: The population arose from the most poor residents of Berkshire, who moved into the countryside to eke out a living as farmers. Eventually, the town grew, and minerals were discovered when houses started being dug out from underground. The town remains somewhat small, despite having rich coal deposits and decent soil. The town's ruling noble and his cabinet are notorious for hardly ruling at all, often taking trips to the nearby Berkshire.
Exports: Coal, iron ore, various tubers and grains.
Significant Services: Home of the traveling blacksmith master York. His best works are made here, but he only returns home for December.

Town: Zera 8ruUrWr


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Town: Zera
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