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 City: Terian

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City: Terian Empty
PostSubject: City: Terian   City: Terian Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 6:57 pm

A large city that contains the central ARK headquarters, it is in fact governed by Nathaniel Piers. The city mostly focuses on internal affairs, leaving the various ARK outposts to handle intertown affairs. The city is extremely bustling, with shops and services of all kinds.

History: Originally a small town populated by loggers and farmers, it was the temporary residence of Nathaniel and Helios as they founded ARK. They based their operations here, and Piers stayed even after Helios left. In those few short years, the town quickly grew as Nathaniel led the town and methodically restructured and nurtured it, partially through skilled politics and mostly through hard work. The city as it stands now may not be as huge or as impressive as Friezant or Monteport, but it has an endless energy and a strong peace. Magitech research is also being conducted here, primarily in communication technology.

Exports: Skilled labor, artisan crafts, communication magitech.

Significant Services: ARK HQ is located here, which means that the center of their power is here. They have well-trained soldiers, and various facilities one might expect from a military outpost and a charity service. Communication devices such as primitive shortwave radios can be purchased here.


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City: Terian
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