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 Dungeon: Zeran Gold Mines

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Dungeon: Zeran Gold Mines Empty
PostSubject: Dungeon: Zeran Gold Mines   Dungeon: Zeran Gold Mines Icon_minitimeFri Jun 19, 2015 12:08 am

Also known as the Smiddle-Diana Gold Mines

Description: These old gold mines used to be a rich source of the mineral for the small town, and indeed, the operation of this mine marked the golden days of Zera. However, when the mine ran dry, so did the supply of gold. The town immediately regressed as wealthy investors left, and the mine was abandoned. This was over thirty years ago, and now the mines have become full of danger. The structuring is rotten, and legends speak of deadly monsters residing within, and 2770ft is a rather superstitious number regarding the mines. It's also suspected that a bandit group has taken residence in the mines.

Size: The mines are all but sprawling, lacking much organization from the early days of the gold rush. With a mazelike structure and a tendency towards steep inclines, the place is perilous to an extreme, and the lights have long gone out. The longest branch runs nearly two miles long and 100 feet down, but this is only from archived records. It's been a long time since anybody's gone past 1500 feet.
Landmarks: The wall is chalked precisely every 50 feet from the entrance, and every rail leads back to the surface eventually. 2000 feet in, at 30 feet below, a huge shaft about 10 feet across exists. It supposedly has an elevator to go down to 100 feet.

Confirmed Habitants:
•Various nocturnal animals
•I will get back to you later once the bestiary is a bit filled out (cmon doods)


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Dungeon: Zeran Gold Mines
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