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 Town: Montilles

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PostSubject: Town: Montilles   Town: Montilles Icon_minitimeSat Jun 20, 2015 7:35 pm

A small town situated in the caldera of an extinct volcano in the eastern mountain range, it is the ancestral home of the 'Grilod' draconian race. It is governed separately from any nation by a small council of elders known as Celestials, or Yarsians in their own language. The town still holds many trappings of their ancient culture, such as the intricate temples and dwellings that speak of spiritual traditions. Mostly inhabited by grilod, a reptilian race resembling lesser dragons, it also contains various other races who have decided to take residence here.
Several temples devoted to worshipping the Prime Dragons exist here, as traditionally, the grilod race has seen the powerful beings as gods themselves. The largest temple stands in the center of the town, facing south. Here, the Yarsians commune and the townspeople holds celebrations and prayers.
There is a road that leads from Montilles to the southeast shore, lacking an official name but affectionately dubbed the Rocky Road by many. It winds along the mountain, rising and curving as it follows the topography of the range, opening onto a small beach. Here, ships dock and set sail rarely, and it serves as a launch point for the trade caravans that supply the isolated city.

Many eons ago, the ancestors of the grilod race found themselves in this basin after wandering the land for a home. The soil here was rich, if barren, and the crops they had brought with them grew easily. The mountains were full of game, as well, and the stone was excellent for building homes. The only issue was the lack of access to a body of water.
A project began to connect the town with the ocean, and a team of devoted workers started construction on two roads: One to the nearest ocean shore, and one to the lakes of the Cruzante Valley area. The ocean road took nearly three generations to complete, throughout which the town survived on the various mountain springs that sprang up, and the lake road was completed soon after.
Later, as foreign ships explored the coastline, the grilod civilization was 'discovered', and travelers came to see the town. Merchants left in disappointment, for the town held little goods of value, but words of the town's stone beauty spread, and adventurers of all kinds came to see the wondrous temples.
A human metalworker came to the town one day, with the air of a well-traveled man. He went by the name Montilles, and it is rumored that the moment he stepped into the town, he sensed the metal around him.
He taught the townspeople of metalworking and mining, as well as of the finer arts, using the occasional merchant ship that came around to show them examples.
The townspeople learned of the potential of iron from this man, and using his teachings and techniques, began to create various works of art and utility. Soon after, the town sent out its first trade caravan, bearing beautiful works of iron, and when it returned laden with goods, Montilles was given the highest praise for his help. In his honor, the town was named after him, at last granting it a name for history.
Generations have gone by, and the town is still constructed of stone, but the metal mines have not stopped producing, and the spirit of craftsmanship lives on in the old home of the grilod.

Exports: Fine art, blacksmithed goods, tools, armor, high-altitude crops such as quinoa and corn.

Significant Services: A large portion of the populations qualifies as artisans or blacksmiths, and many holy rituals are available.
The temple has a strange room in which there is said to be a strange connection to the realm of the dead, and here, one with a particularly strong attachment to a member of the dead can see them, as if they were alive and well. This image of the dead cannot speak nor act, but simply seeing their face is enough for most people.

Town: Montilles NHgfh0J
1: The High Temple
The massive, spectacular temple that plays host to all religious activities in the city, it holds a great amount of grandeur. The six statues standing in front of it, with swords firmly planted into the pedestals, are known as the God's Six, and it is maintained that these six stone grilods are six warriors that protected the ancient grilod pilgrims.
2: The Plaza of the Stars
3: Rocky Road
The entrance is flanked by two statues known as the Gatekeepers.
4: Yarsian's Rest
The residence of the Yarsian elders.
5: Farms
6: Ashy Inn
Run by a human male named Cole, he often regrets not setting up shop near the Rocky Road.
7: Park
8: Sunset Cemetery
9: Main Road


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Town: Montilles
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