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 Maya Kita

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PostSubject: Maya Kita   Maya Kita Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2015 1:36 am

Partially Cloaked:
Age: Unknown, several centuries
DOB: December 15
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Blonde

A long time ago, in a town far to the north, an unlikely union was formed between a human and a dragon. In secrecy, the two loved each other, and eventually, they would bear a child. This child would be named Tiamat. After Tiamat had grown somewhat, another child was born, named Maya. This small, happy family would know very happy days, but only for a small time. Shortly after Maya was born, the union was discovered by the dragon-hating townspeople, and in a mob raid, killed the dragon. In the midst of the attack, the human mother told Tiamat to take her younger sister and flee. Their mother survived the attack, but would later die of sickness.
Later, much later, the two sisters would find themselves living in a church of their own creation, masquerading as humans in Glade Village.

Maya is very reserved, as opposed to her more outgoing sister, and mostly finds herself doing menial domestic tasks such as cleaning everything in the church. Utterly devoted to her home and livelihood, she spends her entire day checking and double-checking on everything, and only once everything is settled will she take a break.. And read a book in the benches before the pulpit. She is just as kind as her sister, perhaps even moreso due to her patience, but she's terribly naive about the world, and half of the time her advice is somewhat flawed. One couldn't accuse her of not trying, however.

-Other Notes-
Because of the distinct color of her eyes, many people tend to assume that she is blind or otherwise visually impaired. On the contrary, she can see perfectly fine.


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Maya Kita
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