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 Luna Ul'Arao, Energetic Farm Bunny

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Luna Ul'Arao, Energetic Farm Bunny Empty
PostSubject: Luna Ul'Arao, Energetic Farm Bunny   Luna Ul'Arao, Energetic Farm Bunny Icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2015 2:55 am

Luna Ul'Arao, Energetic Farm Bunny 7e664510

Mommy got me this dress!:

Name: Luna Ul'Arao  
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Red
Race:  1/2 Otherkin (Rabbit)
Height: 4'6" (+ 4" ears)

Energetic, carefree, kind and mischievous, Luna takes after her parents a great deal and still adds in her own ingredients. She possesses boundless energy (doubtlessly from her mother), able to keep going and going and going, and she loves to play, especially with Tias.  She carries a deep fondness for carrots, and will attempt to eat any in her sight unguarded. She loves both her parents very much, and is a generally very affectionate individual. She is very much childish in several ways, but doesn't seem the least bit ashamed of it. She seems to enjoy being outside more than inside, and often takes long walks outdoors, particularly in the slime bamboo forest near her home.

The sole daughter of Clarice and Helios Ul'Arao, Luna grew up in a household full of love and idyllic joy. All her life, she's known the smiles of her parents and the company of Nancy and Tias, as well as the farm life her parents took up. She seems poised to one day inherit the farm, and seems to accept this fact pretty easily. Not having any combat abilities or really much of any skill to allow her to venture out into the world for long, she seems content just living with her family and exploring the village and surrounding areas for now...
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Luna Ul'Arao, Energetic Farm Bunny
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