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 Town: Lochmere, 'Town for the Future'

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Town: Lochmere, 'Town for the Future' Empty
PostSubject: Town: Lochmere, 'Town for the Future'   Town: Lochmere, 'Town for the Future' Icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2015 4:18 pm

An average sized town just south of the capital (and literally a short walk away), Lochmere is a simple little town without much in the way of extravagance. Many heroes of ages past and present were born and raised here, which many of its elders joke is due to magic. Lochmere does not really have a single leader, run mostly by its community and a small council of people it backs.

As an oddity, it is known for its fairly high rate of twin birth, with a high number of twins and even triplets born compared to the rest of Drachurst. Rumor has it the small mystical forest near the town has something to do with it, but none have really been able to confirm or deny this.

It is well known for the orphanage run by Johannes and Sumia Copernicus, who have been running it for about 24 years. It has been nicknamed the 'town of the future' because of the large amount of children raised there.

Notable residents:
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Town: Lochmere, 'Town for the Future'
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