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 Rosa Forrester

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PostSubject: Rosa Forrester   Rosa Forrester Icon_minitimeWed Jul 01, 2015 7:12 pm

Rosa Forrester BbClFtc

Class: White Mage
Age: 45
DOB: January 28 1971
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'4
Weight: 103lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Rosa is a very motherly figure, even to folk older than herself, and even disregarding that, she is an exceptionally kind and caring woman. Perhaps the long years passed since her days as a white mage in Drachurst's military have made her so, for it's said that back before she moved to Lochmere with Cid, she was a bit of a firebrand, which seems to have passed along to her daughters.

Born to an average family in Friezant, she grew up on the lower end of the middle-class, without much excitement in her life. As she grew older, she started to learn white magic, and displayed a gift for the magic. At the same time, mostly as a hobby, she picked up archery, and was able to become proficient in time. When she came of age, she enlisted in Drachurst's military as a white mage, and quickly rose in rank. Soon, she found herself in the same squad as a certain Cidman, a rather esteemed and respected knight.
After some time, a war occured, and Rosa fought alongside him and his knights, keeping them in fighting shape, and lending some of her own skills with a bow to the frontline.
After the short war, she and Cid spent a good deal of time together, and soon discovered that they had fallen in love. Perhaps within a year after the Liemen conflict, Cid proposed to her, and they were happily wed.
Sometime later, Rosa became pregnant, and deciding that it was more important to spend time with each other than to continue to serve when younger, more skilled recruits were joining the ranks, they retired from service and moved to Lochmere to raise their child.
They were somewhat surprised when they found that they would be having triplets, though they were also rather overjoyed at the news.
After a relatively stress-free pregnancy, Sara, Sybil and Susan were born.
Rosa and Cid raised them with the utmost amount of care and devotion, showering them with love and perhaps spoiling them a bit even despite their rascallious nature, and when they revealed a gift for white magic, Rosa began to school them in the art.
Sooner than Rosa would perhaps have liked, they became adults, and set off to find their own way, leaving Rosa and Cid alone once again.
Deciding that the quiet of Lochmere wasn't perhaps for them, they bid farewell to the families they had befriended, and moved back to Friezant.
Back in her hometown, Rosa decided to start working at a magic academy, teaching white magic to the new recruits.


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Rosa Forrester
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