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 Stronghold: Calarico

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Stronghold: Calarico Empty
PostSubject: Stronghold: Calarico   Stronghold: Calarico Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2015 2:02 am

Calarico Stronghold is a fortified community of traders sitting at the edge of the southern desert. The place is protected by its walls and garrison of troops. It's also the last stop before hitting the desert proper, so adventurers take the time to stock up here before venturing in. Caravans make frequent trips between here and desert communities to trade water for other goods, such as exotic spices or artworks.

Notable locations include the North Gate, South Gate, Central Bazaar, Inn, a small residential district, and the fort. The fort proper is where the stronghold's leader resides, a wealthy land baron who inherited the place from his father a few decades ago. Entry into the fort is heavily restricted, and people usually aren't granted an audience with the baron. The baron chooses not to waste his time with anyone other than wealthy art dealers. Other than that, the majority of the stronghold is open to anyone, provided they obey the law of course.

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Stronghold: Calarico
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