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PostSubject: Shades   Shades Icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2015 9:19 pm

Shadow Creatures (also called 'Shades') are mostly an enigma. As the name implies, they are creatures of varying shape and size that appear to be made of some type of dark energy, (though not all of them are completely shadowy). Although you would think they might be ethereal based on this, they are in fact solid and capable of being defeated. They are weak to light magic in particular and are more prone to come out at night, possibly due to their dark nature.

(Note that this is not a complete list)


Shades GYim93u

The standard Shade, a humanoid creature with claws on its hand, antennae protruding from its head, and glowing yellow eyes. Their only real attack is to slash with their claws, though they often hide or jump out at people to do so. They aren't particularly strong or durable on their own, but can be devastating in large numbers.


Looking a bit more like humans than Shadows do, these Shades are perhaps the most feared of the 'common' ones; they are capable of sinking their bodies into the ground, creating small portals leading to who-knows-where and hiding from plain sight. It grabs unsuspecting victims by their ankles, and begins dragging them down into the portal. If they succeed in taking their victim, said victim vanishes completely, their fate unknown. It is possible to break free of their grip, which is why they rely more on the element of surprise and catching people off guard than anything.


Shades EiIWUtK

A vicious creature who, as the name implies, takes the form of a large, black wolf. They have the same general characteristics as wolves as well, although seem to be slightly stronger. They are capable of summoning more Darkwolves or boosting their own strength by howling to the moon. For this reason, they appear exclusively at night. They seem to prefer staying around the large, empty plain areas of the region, so they aren't a major threat to most towns and cities.


Shades BdAtwmZ

Taking the appearance of small orbs by default, these Shades are capable of possessing inanimate objects and using them as 'bodies' to cause havoc with. They cannot possess living creatures, however. Most of them seem capable of possessing only smaller objects, which makes them not very hard to defeat. They are distinguishable by a glowing dark aura and some form of glowing eyes during possession.

No one quite knows for sure what these creatures look like, as they are capable of shapeshifting. They are more mischievous than anything, deceiving people by conjuring illusions and shapes to trick them. They seem to be unable to attack directly as a consequence of this, but might serve as distractions.


Taking the form of a ghastly phantasm, these creatures seem to have the innate ability to unnerve even the hardiest of warriors by mere presence alone from a distance of about 20 feet. This often gets bad enough to cause the victim to lose focus and more easily make mistakes. Despite their ghostly appearance, they are easily defeated by almost any attack; this is one of the few things that can neutralize their effects.


Shades NjMxtlD

Small and nimble creatures taking the forms of monkeys, Darkwilds aren't particularly powerful, as their strength is their agility and speed. They prefer taunting opponents by running circles around them, occasionally getting a few scratches in. Occasionally, a rarer variant of Darkwilds appears to take the form of a gorilla, and is practically the polar opposite of normal Darkwilds; very slow and lumber, but also very powerful and durable. They seem to lead normal Darkwilds more often than not.


Shades 3XKf0kS

As the name suggests, Titans are larger than most other known Shades, and are quite capable of wreaking destruction with their massive limbs. They don't have any particular special abilities, however, and despite their intimidating appearance and size, they're far from impossible to defeat; if you manage to knock them over, they're practically sitting ducks.


Powerful and rather fast, these humanoid-looking creatures are fond of using weaponry, unlike many other Shades, particularly swords. They can't take many hits, however, and are rather uncommon.


Shades NEJF7V2

These aptly named, wizardlike Shades are capable of summoning other Shades nearby. They can either produce several smaller Shades or produce a single powerful Shade before vanishing. Of course, defeating them before they can finish summoning things means 0 Shades.


Shades XDmDAxb

Very small Shades that look like a tiny ball with legs and a single large eye. Despite an appearance that could be considered cute, these creatures are capable of mind-controlling just about anyone they lay eyes on. However, their power is limited; although they can control anyone without them even laying eyes on it, this requires them to focus on their target for a solid 10 seconds or so before it works; a single interruption will break their spell. They cannot move at all while doing this, so they're practically sitting ducks if they're spotted, which is why they prefer hiding. The spell itself is also limited: they can only control one victim at a time, and even then only temporarily, with some even being flat-out immune to it. Their control is often fairly obvious, due to their relative lack of competence. For all these restrictions, they mostly stick to tasks like information gathering and distractions.


Relatively small creatures resembling Soldiers wearing a whistle wrapped around their necks. They serve to rally other Shades and organize them using their whistle, as well as temporarily buff them as they lead them to battle.


Essentially slightly bigger Shadows wearing light armor, they aren't particularly powerful, but serve their purpose well enough. Their attacks are more powerful and their defenses are stronger than Shadows.


Wide-eyed creatures that look almost like cameras. If they spot an enemy from their vantage point with their fairly good eyesight, they will immediately alert other Shades to attack. However, they have no real offensive capabilities of their own, and can be taken down very easily as they don't really move from their spots.

Heavy Soldier

Much bigger than standard soldiers, their defenses are doubled and their strength is slightly increased, at the cost of being a bit slower than their lighter counterparts.


Resembling a large bird of prey, this creature often drops anything from explosives to smaller Shades from the air, and are relatively fast. However, they have a habit of swooping down to charge at enemies directly, which more often than not is their downfall.


An odd creature resembling a pumpkin, these glowing ghouls seem to be more mischievous than malicious. They seem to follow the phrase 'trick or treat'; occasionally they will offer someone a look inside their heads, with results ranging from scary surprises to actually beneficial items. After someone participates in their 'game', they vanish of their own accord.

Black Sabbath

A witchlike Shade that flies around casting magical spells. They all seem to cover the basic elemental types of magic, with a few specializing in other types. As one might guess, they are immune to magic themselves.

Cloaked Lion

As the name suggests, a Shade that resembles a lion cloaked in a dark aura. It will relentlessly pursue its targets the moment they spot them, but aren't much harder to defeat than ordinary lions. Being near one for too long will induce a primal rage on its victim, during which they can potentially harm their teammates or other innocents unless subdued.


A Shade resembling... A songstress. As the name suggests, they enjoy singing songs with various effects, including:

They are weak, and apart from their songs have no combat skills.


Often accompanying Songstresses, Dancers will often dance along to their songs, which increases their range or duration. Unlike Songstresses, however, they are capable of attacking on their own, using their own dances as battle moves.


Large disembodied hands holding giant bells. The bells themselves cause a temporary stunning effect if you get too close to them as they ring, and are also used as blunt weapons and even as cages for smaller opponents. Destroying their bells leaves the hands defenseless, and they will opt to run away almost immediately.

Minute Bomb

Tiny spherical creatures that, when hit or after a minute has passed of their spawning initiate a small countdown of 10 seconds. If the countdown reaches 0, they will explode, damaging nearby opponents.


Large plantlike creatures resembling Piranha Plants. Having sharp teeth and thorns surrounding their vines, you'd best be careful if you don't want to sustain cuts and scratches all over your body, at best. Occasionally they will raise the tips of their roots off the ground to try and attack, leaving them open to be uprooted.


Bizarre floating creatures with sharp teeth lining their small mouths, they can either attach themselves to a victim's head to drain their intelligence, or to any other part of their body to drain their energy. They aren't very hard to shake off, but can mean big trouble in groups. Once they hit a certain point, they will become engorged, having trouble floating and generally being easier targets. Defeating them instantly restores anything they took from their victims.


As the name implies, these humanoid Shades are kleptomaniacs, and will attempt to steal items from unsuspecting targets. They generally work alone, however, and if you catch them, they will more often than not return the stolen item(s).

Fat Bandit

Generally the same as normal Bandits, except they're... A lot bigger. And can additionally breathe fire. Their defenses are strong from the front, but their weakspot is their back.


A Shadow wearing pirate garb, and one of few Shades to dabble in weaponry. They tend to challenge opponents to duels using their swords and can use their hook hands to swing around, but other than that they aren't particularly remarkable.

Bilge Rat

Ratlike Shades that secrete poison from their bodies, albeit one that only affects humans. It's generally advised not to touch them directly.


Shades that live in the water and (obviously) resemble large piranhas, they won't hesitate to take bites out of anyone lurking too close to them, but otherwise don't actively seek targets out.

A diminutive type of Shade, they appear as small humanoids with large, round heads. On their own, they rarely act out against people, but if accompanied by other Shades, they become highly aggressive, utilizing their ability to rob men of their sight.

Similar to Eyeballs in appearance and Scouts in function, these Shades take the form of floating eyes. They have a mediocre range of sight, nowhere near a typical person's, but move quickly and have excellent control. They can alert other Shades of a person's presence, and can deliver small shocks, capable of briefly stunning an adult.

A humanoid Shade that appears as a ferry captain, it can create portals for other Shades to move through. It is weak, however, and perishes quickly.

Turret Tusk

Shades 270px-Torch_Tusk

Large, elephantine, mechanical-looking creatures. Taking cues from its namesake, these beasts' main form of attack is to launch explosive projectiles from their cannon-like trunks. Their armor-like hides are extremely hard, making it almost impossible to get rid of them the normal way. The simplest way to defeat them is to clog up their trunks before they shoot, which will cause them to tip over and expose their underside, their one weak spot. They often lead smaller Shades to battle due to its relatively high defenses and power.


A clawed and terrifying figure, many doubt its existence, or even the fact that it is a Shade, due to its fairly rare appearance. It can, as you might suspect, cause nightmares by mere presence alone. It preys on the fearful, causing their worst nightmares to come into being (in their heads). It can even cast sleeping spells to ensure it can cause bad dreams. It is malevolent, but otherwise not a major threat on its own. Those with a keen mind and sharp eyes can see through its nightmares and drive it off.


Perhaps the most humanlike of Shades, these mysterious beings appear as armored men and women with varying types of weaponry and appearances. They seem to be far more competent than the usual mooks, and could be considered 'elite' Shades. One can almost hear them crying out if they get close enough...

Black Behemoth

Shades VOZtHps

Very rare and absolutely monstrous Shades, these giants are roughly the size of two Titans stacked together, and seem as powerful as 5. Only 1 is known to exist, making it one of the rarest of the known Shades, and easily one of the most devastating. It CAN be defeated, but it would certainly take more than a meager amount of strength.
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