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Stella 0pvMsNF
Projected Outcome in 10 Years:

Name: Stella
Class: Traveler
Age: 30
Birthday: Nov 19, 1986
Gender: Female
Race: Dragonkin
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Yellow
Scale Color: Pale green
Eye Color: Copper

Stella was once an extremely hot-tempered girl, quick to snap at others and easy to anger. She was also headstrong and self-righteous, always believing herself to be in the right, and that those who spoke out against her were always wrong.
After her change of heart inside a Friezant jail, she began to undergo a mellowing transformation, becoming far more soft-spoken and reserved. Her basic personality remains, but her self-restraint is far more than it used to be, and she tries her best to maintain an open mind. Impatience and old habits still continue to get the best of her on occasion, something which aggravates her to no end.
She practices a sort of mid-ascetism, refusing to partake in physical pleasures and eschewing a permanent residence and conventional wardrobe. She also attempts to deflect any praise or compliment that comes her way, out of loathing for her past self's enormous ego.

And now, this has changed, her monkish ways gone the way of the dragons of old. Under Linebeck's influence, she has given up what she now realizes was a childish way of running from having to actually apply what she had learned before. She has re-embraced her old lifestyle of moderate indulgence in creature comforts, but does so with her newfound worldliness, having a much less abrasive personality now. She still retains some vestiges of her monk ego, such as a fondness for bandages as clothing and a preference for pacifism, but her philosophy on money, food and luxuries has returned from the old days.

Born to a dragonkin family that lived in Riverwood so long ago, Stella grew up in a somewhat comfortable and idyllic setting. Her father was a soldier of Friezant's military, and thus subject to long absences from home, and her mother was a seamstress in the town. Bored at home, she often wandered around the village, occasionally succumbing to impulse and causing a ruckus or another, to the chagrin of her mother. Without her father around, the two often had a sort of tension between them, but when he was home, it melted away. His presence simply made everything better, and so Stella adored her father.
When she was a young adult, she tried to follow her mother's footsteps and begin to work with loom and thread, but the profession never managed to keep her interest, or seem to appeal to her talents, and so she found herself drifting again.
Midway through her twentieth year, midway through her bitter reminder that she hadn't gone anywhere in particular with her life, and midway through an extremely long absence of her father, a message from Friezant arrived at her home. Her mother shakily took the letter and retreated to her room.
Later, Stella would find her mother mired in misery, and she receiving no coherent answer from her, read the message herself.
Her father had perished in the Liemen conflict.
A violent mix of emotions rose up in her, with fury outweighing them all. She stormed out of the house, taking her personal possessions with her, and immediately set course for the capital.
What she was thinking, she still isn't sure. Maybe she would make the knights there confirm what the message said, maybe she would try to punish them for letting her father die. Maybe she just wanted to hide. It was easier to hide in a city.
Once there, without any idea of what she was going to do, she ended up having to scrounge out an existence in the poorer parts of the capital, often stealing for food and clothing. She was caught and arrested many times, and being of age, would often receive somewhat harsh correctional punishments. The time she spent in jail was often spent talking to an old felon imprisoned for life who told her stories in exchange for updates on the outside world. Eventually, after her twentieth arrest or so, the old man became frustrated with her, and berated her about her habits and lifestyle, telling her that he didn't want to see her in the jail anymore. The lecture was harsh and direct, and to hear it from someone she had started to respect made it even more effective. She took his words to heart, and decided that she would try to reform herself.
Her first step, once she was out of jail, was to leave Friezant, wandering once more.
Along her travels, she met an independent monk, who held no loyalties to religion, having invented his own tenets. They traveled together for some time, during which he described his beliefs to Stella. When they parted, Stella began to ponder his words of ascetism, and decided to adopt part of it.
Now, she is as she is, having cast aside much of herself in order to understand her core more clearly, as well as the rest of the world. So far, she's made her best effort, but it isn't so easy to start anew, and it is of course almost impossible to so easily become a new kind of person. She continues to wander the lands, in search of new experiences and insight. If you were to ask her what she sought, she couldn't tell you.
Later in life, she found herself in Monteport, armed with a small bit of money. She happened across Linebeck's treasure shop, and bought a small silver ring from the man. Conversation went this way and that, and in the end, she started working for him, a deal sweetened by her acceptance of minimum wage and his willingness to only give that much.
Eventually, though, in the course of a usual conversation, Stella realized that the lifestyle of a monk just wasn't fulfilling. It didn't feel like penance, and it certainly didn't fill her stomach.
That day marked the moment when Stella renounced her beliefs.

Staff - She carries this wooden pole with her everywhere, using it for just about anything it can be used for. Hiking stick, vaulting pole, weapon, tool, toy, anything.
Hooded cloak - Essentially her sole source of warmth and comfort, and a meager one at that. It also helps protect her from various burrs and branches when trekking through a forest.

•Cold-Blooded: Being a reptilian creature, she is very subject to changes in temperature.


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