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 Laer Tsuien

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PostSubject: Laer Tsuien   Laer Tsuien Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 12:16 am

Laer Tsuien
Class: Extremely Minor Noble
Laer Tsuien THQqEbw

Age: 26
Birthday: September 2nd
Race: Human

Laer is a very show-offy kind of person, greatly appreciating displays of opulence and wealth, and likes to dress and act the part. He considers himself a practitioner of the fine art of soliloquy, despite simply being talkative and rambly. He is polite and helpful, despite what one might assume from his outward appearance, as he believes that one gives one receives.
He genuinely cares for those that he befriends, as well as for the well-being of his hometown. Loyalty is the virtue of a gentleman, after all.

Two generations before Laer was Ryol Tsuien, a shrewd businessman of Berkshire. Desiring a place where he could maintain his fortunes whilst being away from the city, he managed to acquire a large amount of property in Zera, essentially becoming the ruler of the town.
This deed eventually found its way into Laer's hands, as he took the mantle of Lord Tsuien after his father Deir's untimely passing.
And so Laer resigned himself to the duties of the lord... Which appeared to be very little.
He was shocked to learn that as the lord of the town, he didn't do much at all. There was already a council for lawmaking, and the town essentially survived on the mines. The lord did naught but sit around, generating income from the mines.
With nothing to occupy himself with at home, Laer began to wander the country, hiring bodyguards to protect him on his journeys.
However, it turns out he was not all so responsibility-free. He was still expected to show up to council meetings, and his repeated failure to do so brought him the exasperation of the townspeople.
Now, he just doesn't want to deal with laws, feeling incapable of the necessary skills.
And so he continues to wander, hoping to find something else he can do, perhaps to prove his worth or simply to do something new.

Laer is a decent tailor, woodcarver, rock-skipper and painter.
He is also a skilled cook, while his zone is more to the fanciful side of things.

-Other Notes-
He currently has Gul'ka Diablo employed as a bodyguard.


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Laer Tsuien
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