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 Aeris Ishikawa, the Flower Girl

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PostSubject: Aeris Ishikawa, the Flower Girl   Aeris Ishikawa, the Flower Girl Icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2015 1:58 pm

Gentle Flower:
Would you like a flower?:
These are beautiful, aren't they?:

Name: Aeris Ishikawa
Age: 78
Birthday: April 12
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'5"
Class: Flower Girl

Aeris was born to a legendary swordsman and the woman he'd settled down with in the little town of Eribank, the youngest of 3 girls. From a young age, she'd shown a remarkable green thumb, helping her parents maintain the small garden they had in their backyard. Not much of note happened during this time; Although there were several kids her age, she never really befriended any of them, either because of her immense shyness or simply because they didn't want to play with her. As a result of this, she really only spent much time around her sisters and the few friends she did manage to keep, including a young girl by the name of Rosa, who encouraged her from a young age to follow her dream in continuing to tend for flowers by opening her own flower shop.

Even with her store finally open, however, Aery felt like something was missing. Like she needed to contribute something more to society. She got her wish one day when an injured man approached her store, seeking medical attention. Aery tended to the man, and managed to earn enough of his trust to catch wind of a secret organization run by the king's spymaster, known as Cipher. Although she didn't have any combat skills, she DID have plenty of free space in the land she owned. It didn't take very long for her to pay a visit to the spymaster (accompanied by the man she saved) and arranged herself a position in charge of one of Cipher's safehouses. It hasn't seen much use, but she seems glad about it nonetheless.

She and her youngest older sister continue loving and supporting each other to this day, especially after the disappearance of their oldest sister some years ago.

Sweet, gentle and shy, Aery is always willing to help others no matter her situation. Although she has gotten less shy as she matured, it is still quite easy to make her shrink back down from her confidence. She is a bit self conscious about herself, and often feels herself weak and helpless compared to her best friend, although she'd never admit it to her. The one area she finds absolute confidence in is in plants, being a bit of an expert on them.

If she is very familiar with someone, her personality shows a bit more, revealing she is actually a bit of a tease and likes to joke around.

Green thumb
Aeris is very knowledgeable about plants, and is very good at handling and caring for them. She is also capable of making fragrances from specific ingredients of said plants.

White magic
Inherited from her mother, Aeris is a decently skilled healer, able to take care of most basic injuries.

Draconic skills

Likes — Flowers, fragrances, sisters, sweets, action films.
Dislikes — Blood, improper plant care, feeling helpless.
Desires — A simple, happy life.
Fears — Letting her sisters or Cipher down.

Flower in Bloom:
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Aeris Ishikawa, the Flower Girl
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