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 The story so far...

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PostSubject: The story so far...   The story so far... Icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2015 6:47 pm

It all starts as a group of mysterious people summon a group of dark beings into the land of Drachurst... Dark beings who had first appeared several years prior but have since vanished until now. Rumors quickly began sprouting, and an investigation by some of the Silver Knights confirmed their return. Concerns began to sprout, but so far things have been manageable. The king and his council immediately set to work on a way to drive the fiends off for good.

Meanwhile, a strange girl with stranger powers is wandering the land, searching for the capital, apparently having some important news to share. She soon finds her way to the princess' room to explain the situation; the only way to drive the shadowy creatures back is to collect and repair a mythical 'Lunar Mirror', which was hidden away for centuries and recently shattered by an unknown party, its pieces scattered across the land and guarded by the shades. The shard the strange girl carried with her seemed to prove this to be the case, as well as diverged the possible locations of a few of those shards. After a discussion with her father, a notice was sent out across the land, inquiring intrepid adventurers seeking peace to hunt down the shards and return them to the castle, knowing that the task was too much for just the knights. There are 5 known shard locations at the moment; it is hoped that the remaining ones can be tracked down afterwards.

One group searches the icy tundra, and more specifically a seemingly abandoned manor in the middle of it overrun by Shades. Curiously, however, despite it's ransacked and dusty appearance, a couple claims to be residing there, and assist the party with their search.

Another group searches the west section of the large plains in the region, and soon come across a suspicious girl, who sets loose a giant Razorback and two smaller cohorts on them as a distraction. She heads into the mines, and what she's planning on doing there is a mystery.

Yet another group combs the desert region for the 3rd shard. So far they've had no luck, but there are only so many other places to search...

A fourth group search the Fallen Forest, and meet a mysterious young man upon reaching the lakeshore who seems to be hiding something. It is soon discovered that he's already found the lake shard, but intends to keep it for an unknown purpose. He flees the scene with the party hot on his heels.

As all this happens, a trio of young siblings currently reside in their grandmother's house, having few memories of themselves. There might be some cause to this, but it is not known to them. After a while, the eldest brother has a flash of remembrance and the trio make their way home.
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The story so far...
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