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 Yasu Tsukishima

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"I don't agree with you, okay? Weapons are evil!"

Name: Yasu Tsukishima
Birthday: November 5
Age: 14
Class: Pegasus Orphan

Yasu was born to a loving family in Argentstadt, but unfortunately times were inopportune. The country was under the reign of the fearsome Evil King Nataniel, whose policies were horrific. The people were starving, and His Majesty refused to help them. In fact, he tried forcing them to relinquish what little food was produced to ensure his palace was well-stocked. For this reason, rebellion broke out.

One day, Yasu was exploring in the woods not far from his family's farm when he found a pair of orphaned pegasi. He asked his parents to come look, maybe take in the pegasi. Yasu named one of the pegasi Archimedes; his brother, Kei, named the other Medusa. During one year, the fighting grew particularly bad in the local area not far off. The family began making plans to evacuate to Drachurst, but the local fighting made it incredibly dangerous for them to so much as leave their house. Eventually, the battle slowed to a stop, the winners... the National Army. The soldiers demanded local recompense or death. Yasu's family was one of the many homesteads the soldiers stopped at. The soldiers wanted to use the pegasi as military mounts, the children to be enlisted in the army, and the parents were to give up all their belongings and come work at a labor farm closer to the capital.

Yasu's parents instructed him: "Flee to Drachurst. Fly to Friezant, and don't stop until you get there." So he obeyed. During the flight, the national ballistae spotted him, and it was only through sheer luck that the frightened child managed to hold on all the way to Drachurst, all alone. As instructed, he traveled to Friezant, but when no sign came of his parents or brother following, Yasu eventually gave up hope.

Shortly thereafter, he was directed to an orphanage. He threw a fit over this, adamant that his parents were still alive and that he wasn't an orphan. After some debate, Yasu eventually agreed to stay there for "a while". In the meantime, he started feeling a great resentment to the idea of violence. Several months later, when he found Kei in training at the Knight Academy, he was immensely angered. He hadn't even known Kei was alive, and now he finds him in military training?! The very idea was detestable.

Yasu has a short temper at times, particularly when concerning his past or the idea of violence. He doesn't seem to have found any way to relax since back home on the farm. He's prone to blaming all soldiers for his parents' disappearance. He knows it's irrational, but he doesn't care. Rationality doesn't mean anything when you haven't seen your parents in four years.

Yasu is a natural when it comes to flying. He is capable of using a small amount of wind elemental magic, which he uses in flight to make things go more smoothly.

Wind Magic — E
• Aerodynamics: Can be applied to make flights smoother, faster, etc.

He doesn't have anything of value because everything was lost when he fled his homeland.

Insert notes here.

Petulance — Has the ability to be an irrational and moody teenager. Who would've expected.

Theme - Take to the Sky:


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Yasu Tsukishima
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