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 Erwitz Nightingale

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PostSubject: Erwitz Nightingale   Erwitz Nightingale Icon_minitimeFri Sep 11, 2015 5:42 pm

Erwitz Nightingale:

Erwitz's horse, Edward:

Seras the Fairy:
Age: 178

Class: Crazy Wizard

Birthday: "Ehhh... I don't remember!"

Height: 5'10" (with hat off)

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Black


Erwitz is a traveling wizard for hire. That's about it. And he likes making things explode. A lot.


A gentlemanly (very) old man. He'll talk for days, if you let him, and rambles a lot. He'll explode your face if you make him mad. And enjoy it. Immensely.


He prefers explosion and fire based spells. If he doesn't have his cane he sticks to burning things to death.


Explosion: Using his cane as a magical focus, Nightingale superheats his target... UNTIL THEY ASPLODE!

Fire Fingers: up to ten small balls of fire on his fingertips that he can direct towards foes... And make explode.

Flames: Your general flame attack.

Likes: Explosions, pretty ladies, beards, explosions, talking, and explosions.

Dislikes: Cold, rude people


Cane: a magical focus that helps things go boom
Top hat: don't touch it. Seriously. Don't.
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Erwitz Nightingale
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