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 Agni's Room

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PostSubject: Agni's Room   Agni's Room Icon_minitimeTue Sep 22, 2015 9:13 pm

This is a spacious bedroom featuring colorful curtains and bedding. Beyond that you'll see Agni's play area, equipment for her to climb on and jump through when she is feeling rowdy. To one corner is a stand to hang her armored chest piece on, as well as her FlameTail sword. Finally, far removed from the dangers of her play area, is a Vanity, for someone to do her hair at when they can get her to sit still. Entering this room, you might often find fresh scratches on the walls or burns on the curtains or bedding, which are frequently replaced.

SuperDuper COLOR! Codex:
Agni Yui Tesa Eve Sona
Kira Violet Silas Scarlette Fiersome Mira Aeonia Frankie Erin
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Agni's Room
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