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 Fleur Rackham

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PostSubject: Fleur Rackham   Fleur Rackham Icon_minitimeWed Oct 07, 2015 7:40 pm


Class: Knight Captain
Age: 27
DOB: February 3 1989
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150lbs
Eye Color: Maroon
Hair Color: Green

Fleur was once a passionate, excitable girl with endless curiosity and the energy to keep going for the entire day and then some. Even after leaving her father's crew and joining the Drachurstian knights, she has been much the same, aside from the maturation that comes with age. She has become more calm and professional in her demeanor, though there are many times when she reverts to a more childlike energy, which has occasionally earned the annoyance of her comrades. Despite that, she is dedicated to her work and maintaining her skills, as well as loyal to her employers.
She idolizes her father, and would have likely become a treasure hunter alongside him were it not for outside influence.

Hardened and salted by the ocean blue, Fleur has a hale and hearty soul, able to weather harsh conditions. She is tall and slender, however, as an elf, and thus is not quite comparable to other sturdier races of similar proportions, even with her background.

Fleur is rather good at understanding how things work and making connections between things, but suffers a bit in abstract reasoning, especially when presented in even more abstract manners.

Born to Leroy and Maria Rackham, Fleur spent much of her early life alongside them on the high seas. From the moment she could walk and talk, she was brought up as a treasure hunter, helping out like one of the crew in their everlasting pursuit of riches.
Even when working, though, she and her family were as close as any proper family, and she stayed by them at all times. She was their greatest admirer, of course. They seemed so tough and capable.
It was unfortunate that she would lose her mother in a strange encounter with a ghost ship of some sort, being tossed along with her overboard. Her father was only able to save one of them, and she was the higher priority.
She never knew of her father's dilemma in that tragic event, and so she believed that her mother had been irrevocably lost to the sea, with no chance of recovery.
However, she determined that she would not let the sadness overwhelm her, and she threw herself fiercely at every challenge put before her, helping to break her father out of his depressed retirement.
Sometime much later, while the crew was moored in a harbor, she saw a progression of knights moving through the town, sporting gleaming armor and ornate, beautiful blades. Dazzled by their appearance, she decided right then and there, perhaps a bit impulsively, that she would become a knight. Perhaps it was a part of her wanting to avoid the sea, but regardless of her motivation, she pursued that goal with zeal, soon departing from her father's crew and heading for Friezant.
She applied to become a knight, and began as a soldier. She started with disappointment, not having expected that she would have to start from the bottom, but equating it with the mechanics of her father's crew, she worked harder than ever to advance higher on the command chain.
Soon enough, she would find herself a captain of knights, leading where she might have settled for following. Needless to say, she's very proud of herself.

Fleur acts as a vanguard leader, weathering an enemy's initial assaults and protecting her allies from the worst of danger. She can reciprocate almost as well as she can receive, of course, wielding a heavy lance, but she is slow and possesses limited range.
She is able to use some magic, such as protective charms, but they are limited in what they can achieve, and her casting ability is not very good.


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PostSubject: Re: Fleur Rackham   Fleur Rackham Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2015 5:39 am

Determination and hard work from one person helped another one get up and back into the game? That reminds me of the Cordelia X Gregor epilogue in which Cordelia's actions gave Gregor the determination to drop the bad habits he got post-Grima

Uh... I just implied incest right?


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Fleur Rackham
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