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 Flint Walker, Sheriff of Cruzante

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PostSubject: Flint Walker, Sheriff of Cruzante   Flint Walker, Sheriff of Cruzante Icon_minitimeWed Oct 21, 2015 2:46 am


Name: Flint Walker
Age: 121
Birthday: July 23rd
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Class: Sheriff

Flint was once an outlaw, running with a gang of bandits many years ago. He was one of their best, being an excellent sharpshooter and generally skilled enough to keep up with them. One such heist involved kidnapping the owner of the town's church, a young woman by the name of Viola. It was a rather easy job, as she had no real combat skills to fight back with. As the rest of the plan succeeds, he releases her from her bound state. He fully expected her to run away instantly, maybe notify the authorities. But she didn't. Not right away, at least. She insisted on staying with him for longer. He had received some wounds while carrying out the plan, and she wanted to treat them. Although he initially complained, wondering if this was some sort of trap, he allowed her to do so, saving him the trouble of treating them himself. Soon after, he rode off into the canyon with the rest of the gang, leaving her behind.

He encountered her several more times over the years, and every time she gave him a warm smile and a concerned tone of voice. He either ignored her or derided her each time. His life continued like this until one fateful day when he was seriously injured during another heist. Viola found him, and treated him in her own home, in her own bed (for all this time, she slept on a hard wooden chair, but she didn't seem to mind). Despite his protests, she tended to him for days, which slowly turned into weeks. Despite all the things he'd said to her, the way he'd treated her, she still did her utmost to care for him, all with the same smile on her face. It didn't take very long for her to break through his tough outer shell and unintentionally make him develop feelings for her.

It took even less time for Flint to decide to give up his life of crime, as she turned out to have reciprocated his feelings. The two married a short time later, as Flint worked hard to redeem himself from his reputation as an outlaw. And he succeeded, eventually becoming the sheriff of Cruzante himself, a position he holds to this day.

Flint is usually the hardened, serious, no-nonsense type of person when it comes to his job, although he softens considerably around his wife. In fact, it could be said she's one of the few people in existence that can get a sincere, happy smile out of him, and she's definitely one of the few people around that can calm him down when he gets riled up. He is utterly devoted to her, and would gladly protect her with his life if need be. He seems to have a soft spot around children as well, and does his best to guide the youth of the town not to go down the same path he once did. He is generally protective of others, if a bit rough with them, although he is not averse to sarcastic comments when he feels it's called for, especially in moments of hypocrisy. For the most part, if you're not causing trouble, he's just a somewhat gruff sheriff looking out for his townsfolks' best interests.

+Is a skilled gunman
+Not bad at melee combat either
+Expert horse rider
+Able to withstand extreme conditions longer than most

+Viola- Wife
+Claire Arwin- Adoptive daughter
+Noelle Arwin- Adoptive daughter
+Kitkat- Taking care of
+Usalia- Taking care of

Likes — Viola, kids, justice, guns.
Dislikes — Birds, stormy weather, excessively salted food.
Desires — A peaceful life with his wife and town.
Fears — The people he cares about being endangered by his presence.

Cruzante's Law:
Sheriff With a Checkered Past:
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PostSubject: Re: Flint Walker, Sheriff of Cruzante   Flint Walker, Sheriff of Cruzante Icon_minitimeWed Oct 21, 2015 4:04 am

*Is the only bio to address the younger Arwin by her proper RP name of Noelle* :^]
*Has only discussed this name to Smash in private* :V

Also, John Marston and churches... When are we getting nuns with guns?
Nuns with guns I tell ya!:

BTW, midget couple

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Flint Walker, Sheriff of Cruzante
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