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 Girl of the Dragons [Cherche and Victor]

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PostSubject: Girl of the Dragons [Cherche and Victor]   Girl of the Dragons [Cherche and Victor] Icon_minitimeWed Nov 04, 2015 9:05 pm

March 22nd, one year before whenever the Adonia RP starts

It had been one week since the passing of Count Percival Bryant. His sole heir Victor was looking through his father's belongings, reminiscing about a man who, despite putting the needs of his estate first, loved his family dearly.
"My lord?" Cherche Drakehausen, the family's most trusted servant, came in the room. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine. I... I'll be fine." Victor avoided looking Cherche in the eyes. She had a way of piercing a man's soul with just one look, which was something he'd rather avoid at the moment.
"If my lord says so... I just wanted to let you know that dinner has been served."
"Thanks, I'll be down in a few." Cherche left the room. Victor found her to be a bit of a mystery. Despite having served them for as long as he could remember, he knew very little about her. His father had refused to divulge any information every time he had asked, saying that she'd let him know when she felt it was time. Without really thinking, Victor got up and walked over to his father's desk and opened the first drawer. The only thing that caught his attention was a small notebook he remembered occasionally seeing his father scribble in, tucked away in the inner left corner. He opened up the first page.
"(Personal diary of Percival Bryant. I probably shouldn't read this... then again, what's the harm now?)" Victor flipped to a random page and started reading.

August 3rd, 20 years before the year above

Our expedition to find the Forgotten Valley has ended due to an unexpected turn. We were making good progress, venturing beyond the borders of all the maps we brought, when we were suddenly beset upon by dragons. Yes, dragons truly exist! Or have existed at some point, at least. These creatures were rather diminutive in nature compared to the beasts from the stories of old, and I can't say for certain if those stories were merely exaggerated or if this is a subspecies of some sort. Well, can't say it made much of a difference while they were chasing us. Right when it seemed all was lost, we encountered the strangest thing I have seen in my 43 years of living. A young girl, not older than ten I'd wager, was standing face to face with one of the flying lizards. They were just looking at each other, like they were having a staring contest. The dragon chasing us must've thought it was bizarre too since it flew away. When she noticed us she asked if we had come to play with the dragons like she did. I wish I could've seen my face because I'm sure it was a spectacular sight. Eventually we managed to convince the girl that it wasn't safe for her to be there and she had to come with us. On the way back none of the scaled devils dared touch us, as if they felt her presence. What is the power this child possesses? None of our physicians believe there is anything strange about her condition, in all respects she seems to be normal little girl. She says her family is living in the mountains where we found her, but that sounds positively ludicrous! We've decided to let her stay with us for the time being. Gloria is a bit concerned and I can't say I don't understand her, but somehow I feel it'll all end up alright.

Victor flipped to the next page to confirm his suspicions. He only managed to read "The child's name is Cherche" before being interrupted.
"Are you coming, my lord? Your dinner is getting cold!" Cherche shouted to him from the stairs.
"I'm coming!" He put the diary back and left the room. "(Cherche... what are you?)"

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Girl of the Dragons [Cherche and Victor] XQzZOKi
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Girl of the Dragons [Cherche and Victor]
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