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 The Vault

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PostSubject: The Vault   The Vault Icon_minitimeSat Nov 07, 2015 9:31 pm

The Vault can only be accessed by guild members. The door beside the lobby leads to a VIP hallway, at the end of which an elevator, activated by runes, brings people down to the base of the tower. The hallway also contains a kitchen, which is where Lord Eirich himself eats his meals.

The Vault goes underground, and nobody is sure how far. The only lights here are emitted from crystals installed in the ceiling, whose lights protect the books from moisture in the air. There are several study rooms available for use by any member with a book; these rooms are private and warm and bright enough for reading, and large enough for many types of magical practice. They're magically insulated, too, which means that should someone blow himself up in one of them, the rest of the tower will be fine, and the janitors will take in stride the presence of a skeleton in one of the locked chambers. Several decades of research went into finding a way to preserve books taken into these chambers; once a solution was found, three years were spent marking in gold ink a set of runes on the cover of each book.

The fact that the books and the tower itself are valued so much more than the visitors to the tower should tell you something about the nature of the Master Archivist, Lord Eirich. And many of the books are certainly dangerous enough on the whole to cause such damage to someone. This is all included in the contract signed to become a member, of course. These books can be borrowed as well as bought. If you are made a member, Lord Eirich puts his faith that you can handle the book as responsibly as he can. Even he cannot preserve every book forever, so if it is lost or damaged or destroyed, it is a loss to you and not to him. He makes sure that you are the type of person who will truly regret that loss, just like he would himself.

Some of the study nooks even contain beds, and their light can be adjusted. This is because some scholars are so hungry for knowledge that they would prefer to sleep near the books they are reading and researching. They are available for rent for up to a week after discussing with Lord Eirich or his deputy, and the key will be yours. However, it is to be noted that these rooms are not large enough for more than the bed, a small chest of luggage, and a few stacks of books on the shelf.

There is another corridor from the magical tomes which leads instead to historical tomes and records. These are not allowed to be borrowed or bought, and are staffed only by guild members who also have some role in the country's government. These are not the official data belonging to the government, only historical documents written by famous people. They have been copied countless times, no doubt, and may be available in the standard library.

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The Vault
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