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 Steris Lancaster

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PostSubject: Steris Lancaster   Steris Lancaster Icon_minitimeTue Jan 05, 2016 12:08 am


Age: 31
Height: 5'9"
Class: Analyst
Birthday: September 18


Steris is noble-born and hails from the city of Berkshire. She lived for a while with an aunt in Friezant studying law, but eventually moved back to Berkshire when the relative lack of structure became too undisciplined for her. She hates sitting around with nothing to do almost more than she hates menial tasks. For the record, she does not consider compilations of data to be menial, but quite stimulating.

Steris has a great ability to memorize, recite, and organize verbal and written details. She enjoys planning everything because, for her, unplanned events are quite frustrating and difficult to deal with. However, drama gives her quite a thrill sometimes. Despite not needing a job, she likes to meddle in financial and legal affairs. She is trying to open up her own business which provides legal protection and financial insurance to the more honest people of Berkshire.

Steris much disdains social events, although she has studied the politics of them quite well. She keeps informed - well, relatively so - of all the recent happenings so that she can account for them in her plans. She plans possible small talk for everyone she may happen to socialize with at such an event, and often rehearses.

Steris is quite protective of her sister, Gwen, and Steris' "small" manor (which can't really be considered small) sports several of Gwen's paintings on the walls. Steris has a room dedicated to her journals and files, where she often works on investigating legal occurrences in the city. Steris has a maid, Amberle, who also acts much as a bodyguard and investigative partner. Rumors say Steris has been practicing learning her own magic, but it is unknown what kind.

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Steris Lancaster
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