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 Palais d'Argent, Throne Room

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Palais d'Argent, Throne Room Empty
PostSubject: Palais d'Argent, Throne Room   Palais d'Argent, Throne Room Icon_minitimeFri Feb 12, 2016 9:46 pm

The Throne Room of the Silver Palace, where Antoinette sits while presiding, which is rather a lot of work. This used to be an upper attic, back when her father Nataniel was still king. However, the coup to bring him down destroyed most of the old throne room, several floors below, and Antoinette has respectfully made the room a memorial to the many losses of the fighting her father incited across the region.

The room is light and airy, with large windows that are kept open constantly, aside from when it storms. The throne itself is rather small, and doesn't have a gaudy or pretentious amount of silver adorning it - just enough to glitter nicely in the sunrise.

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Palais d'Argent, Throne Room
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