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 Ariadne Diat

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PostSubject: Ariadne Diat   Ariadne Diat Icon_minitimeSun Feb 14, 2016 3:24 pm

with a dragon:

Ariadne is the daughter of Wren Diat, faithful crone of the Lunar Cathedral. The story goes that someone accidentally promised their firstborn child, and Wren Diat made sure that promise was fulfilled. Ariadne grew up in contempt for Wren's teachings, however, and has, in a sense, gone rogue. She started learning about demons and dragons at a young age, and wants nothing more than to crush the old cathedral and steal the power for herself. She has terrorized villages before, with the help of her dragons. And rumor says she's found something else to catch her eye, stories of a great cannon or maybe gun or something? Whatever it is, better get out of her way, because she's on a mission.

She has won the affections of multiple giant dragons, and isn't afraid to use their power.

In combat, when she's trying to avoid making messes, she uses a pair of guns.

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Ariadne Diat
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