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 Jacques Furie

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PostSubject: Jacques Furie   Jacques Furie Icon_minitimeWed Mar 02, 2016 11:21 pm


Known in several children's books as a fearsome monster, Jack Fury, a ghoul that leaps in and snatches children away.

Jacques Furie, as his name is spelt and pronounced, does not snatch children from loving homes. Instead, he looks out for children who are outcasts, homeless, orphaned, or maltreated. If the parents kicked their children out of the house or mistreat them in any other way, he is angriest, and will adopt the child himself (and take revenge by murdering the parents). He raises the children as his own with loving care and stern instruction.

Jacques was one of the most loyal, if not THE most loyal follower of Antasma during his initial reign. After the Great Sealing, Jacques grew depressed and purposeless, turning to a life of indulgence and predation. He has since been informed of his master's return, and now returns to Antasma's side.

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Jacques Furie
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