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 Dungeon: The Sunken City of Bezelam

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Dungeon: The Sunken City of Bezelam Empty
PostSubject: Dungeon: The Sunken City of Bezelam   Dungeon: The Sunken City of Bezelam Icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2016 12:15 am

Location: West of Rukia, at the foot of the Lost Mountain.

There is a small crevasse in the side of the Lost Mountain, within which lies a sort of path. This path has been walked before, that much is certain from the small red flag at the entrance and the charcoal markings on the rock walls.
At the end of this path, one finds themself gazing into a deep basin, inside of which sits a city; A massive, sprawling city of stone, lost to the earth and time.
This city was once called Bezelam, and was home to a proud civilization of humans that practiced all forms of magic. Eventually, their magic became too great, and the city was consumed with aether, creating a cataclysm that sundered the ground beneath them. Some say it was the gods, others claim it was the work of a demon. No matter the theory, it is the truth that now, the city is hidden to the world, separated by bedrock.

The city retained many of its faculties, surprisingly. The streets are still lit with the arcane glow of fairy fire lamps, and the occasional teleportation rune flickers into life for a moment.
However, eldritch vermin and constructs roam the streets, many having been in bondage of summoners or various magimancers. Not all are aggressive, but it's a dog-eat-dog world in the sunken city of Bezelam, and many a beast hungers for Adonian flesh.

Common sense regarding the nature of ancient civilizations dictates that the most opulent, and most dangerous building holds some great kind of treasure. Perhaps this is the case. But not a soul knows quite for sure.

•Bezelaman Hornet - A large flying insect with a powerful toxin and a threatening stinger. Dies after injecting its venom, but not after stinging.
•Bezelaman Guardian - A stone golem crafted in the image of a stern warrior god. Continues to protect and maintain its city even after the cataclysm which ended the civilization.
•Feyrat - Rodents about three feet tall from the shoulder that feed on magical energy and magical flesh. Mages are more or less a gourmet for them. Can phase through solid matter.
•Mountain Bat - Large flying rodents that hunt insects like the Bezelaman Hornet. Avoids people, but tolerates them within their lairs.
•Hellhound - Demonic canines spawning from some magical rift. Breathes fire and is said to possess phasing abilities. Highly carnivorous.
•Stoat - A weasel-like race that speaks the common tongue and prefers to mug the common man. Scavenging the ruin for trinkets.

Whatever it is, it keeps reviving itself. Doesn't leave the city, but commands a wide zone of isolation. Guards something.


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Dungeon: The Sunken City of Bezelam
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