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 Setsuna Nimo

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PostSubject: Setsuna Nimo   Setsuna Nimo Icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2016 12:11 am

Setsuna Nimo
Birthday: May 20

From birth, Setsuna has been easily distracted. She falls into traps, she daydreams and misses stuff, and she has trouble remembering a message to carry. When she started training to be a ninja, Miyuki decided not to try and rid her of her unique nature, but instead to make use of it. Setsuna now plays a very unique role as a ninja who, despite amazing stealth, ends up activating traps all the time. Her ability to wander off, and to be distracted by stuff, makes her invaluable in detecting new threats, and her ability to set off traps and remain unharmed makes her great for penetrating security systems when used as a decoy or bait.

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Setsuna Nimo
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