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 Azama Argyle

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PostSubject: Azama Argyle   Azama Argyle Icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2016 12:14 am

Azama Argyle
Birthday: September 8

Born to a well-known family of occults and diviners, Azama's house was destroyed by Evil King Nataniel. Azama swore revenge, and joined the Rebellion, where he wrote cutting satire of the king. When Antoinette took charge of the rebellion, she decided to appoint Azama to a leading position on her council. However, now that Azama is not seeking vengeance, his temperament is a lot more lax, and his tongue a lot sharper. He's quite a handful; it's a good thing he's on Antoinette's side... usually.

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Azama Argyle
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