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 Hazama Hebi, Snake in the Grass

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Hazama Hebi, Snake in the Grass Empty
PostSubject: Hazama Hebi, Snake in the Grass   Hazama Hebi, Snake in the Grass Icon_minitimeWed May 04, 2016 12:56 am

Class: Green Constrictor

Age: 27
Race: Human
Birthday: April 29, 1989
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 135lbs
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Green
Likes: Boiled eggs, silver
Dislikes: Cats

Hazama is a man without much in the way of morals, acting only in the interests of him and occasionally his sister. He puts on a front for just about everyone, sweetening his words and playing to their emotions, oftentimes while thinking of how to take advantage of them.
He enjoys all the acts of his career, reveling in the feeling of taking a life and the pleasure of watching a dying face. It was fairly reasonable to expect that he would attain such status so early. After all, do what you love and you'll never fail.

A lanky, slender sort of person, without much meat on his bones. He is tough and sinewy, however, possessing high dexterity and remarkable control over his movements. He moves with grace, flowing from one position to another, and sometimes almost seems to be dancing to himself.

Hazama is shrewd, calculating, and colder than ice. He is patient and difficult to outlast, halted only by boredom. He is intelligent and plans several steps ahead when he can, and knows fairly well how to manipulate a man into complying.

Hazama and Hikage were not excellently raised children, due to two parents that enjoyed experimenting with the dark arts and other nasty things. Hazama was tinkered with as a child. Hikage was altered during gestation after Hazama's results were less satisfactory.
Hazama got off lucky. He gained an unnatural degree of flexibility, able to contort his body into wicked shapes, as well as a stare that could freeze one's blood. Ultimately, however, he gained the ability to summon two snake-like chains from some abyss that he could use to strike or swing from thin air. His control was limited for a long time, however, and he accidentally paralyzed his sister many times. Better than his sister, though, who could kill a man with her venomous blood.
They were lectured often of the importance of being careful, given their dangerous abilities, but to no avail when the 7-year-old Hikage accidentally poisoned their mother's soup. She died in agony as a result, and when their father discovered her fate, he flew into a rage.
Hazama had taken the knife from his father's back with a smile, and beckoned for his sister to follow him to wherever they might go.
And so they set out, attempting to find some place in the world. Their childhood had taken its toll, however, and both of them were rather... Destabilized. Hazama personally couldn't find any reason to be concerned with anyone else's life, and as such was rather callous with his treatment of others. Such behavior severely limited his opportunities in the world.
So they turned to crime. It started with simple smugglings and hits, and eventually they began to make themselves known in the underworld. Over time, they built up a syndicate on the bodies of their enemies, and called it "Ouroboros."
Now, they lead their very own piece of the underworld, based in Sparalong. Hazama was pretty proud of them.

•Ouroboros Chains - Two ghastly snake-like chains that spawn from portals around him, they snap out from the darkness with ferocity, and can latch onto thin air, providing Hazama with a way to quickly get around.
•Paralyzing Gaze - Hazama's yellow eyes can strike heartstopping fear into a man's spirit, freezing his body for a length of time.
•Snake Limbs - Able to contort his limbs and torso past any reasonable limits. Creepy.


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Hazama Hebi, Snake in the Grass
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