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 Westside Goods

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PostSubject: Westside Goods   Westside Goods Icon_minitimeFri Jun 03, 2016 2:35 pm

Westside Goods is a shop in West Rogueport. At first, the shop appears to be normal. It sells items that are usually more expensive and more effective than those found at the Toad Bros. Bazaar in Rogueport's main square. However, the shopkeeper, Peeka, is actually a guard of sorts for the Pianta Syndicate. She'll only let people through who know the secret tests. To those just interested in shopping, the items on display are as follows.

Super Shroom - Unlike the standard Mushrooms, it has a blue cap. Has stronger healing properties than its red counterpart. Costs 20 coins.

Volt Shroom - A mushroom with a black cap with yellow lightning bolts in place of the usual white spots. Eating it will cause enemies to receive an electric shock when they make direct contact with your skin for a short time. Costs 15 coins.

Dried Shroom - A dried out mushroom. If it has any healing properties, they aren't really noticeable. Only really bought by those looking for the...unique flavor. Hey, someone likes it. ...Maybe. Costs 2 coins.

Dizzy Dial - A swirly blue dial that can make enemies dizzy from looking into it. Costs 12 coins.

Life Shroom - Life Shrooms are mushrooms with pink caps and white hearts in place of the usual white spots. When knocked out, it will feed itself to you and revive you with a small amount of your strength. Costs 50 coins.

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Westside Goods
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