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 Fruit Market

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PostSubject: Fruit Market   Fruit Market Icon_minitimeFri Jun 03, 2016 4:59 pm

Along one road of the city are various fruit stalls each selling local produce. The selection of items include...

Durian - Durians are a tan, spiky fruit that are actually rather difficult to eat. More commonly used as soccer balls or weapons. Costs 3 coins.

Coconut - A tropical fruit sold in different states of maturity. Young ones are green, mature ones are hard and brown. Can be used for cooking, eaten raw, or thrown at enemies. Costs 5 coins.

Papaya - A yellow fruit commonly found in trees near the plaza. Costs 8 coins.

Pineapple - A very popular fruit. Costs 15 coins.

Super Spicy Pepper - A very spicy red fruit commonly added to dishes to give it some kick. It's also the most hated fruit of Yoshis. Costs 15 coins.

Mellow Green Pepper - A less mature version of its red counterpart. For those who like the taste without the spice. Costs 15 coins.

Banana - Another very popular fruit. Costs 20 coins.

Melon - The native fruit of Yoshi's Island, where it is most popular. Costs 25 coins.

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Fruit Market
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