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 Pianta Parlor

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PostSubject: Pianta Parlor   Pianta Parlor Icon_minitimeFri Jun 03, 2016 11:16 pm


The Pianta Parlor is a small casino on the West Side of Rogueport run by the Pianta Syndicate. The place brings in a lot of money for them and as such has the appropriate level of security. A bouncer out front to keep out the troublemakers, poor, and violently drunk.

People can come here to play the slot machines, the pachinko machines, or if you have a membership card, you can play various exclusive card games in the back room. In order to play, you must exchange coins for Pianta Tokens. Pianta Tokens are blue coins with Don Pianta's face imprinted on them. They are only usable at the Pianta Parlor. You can make exchanges with Lahla, the boo who works behind the secure counter in the back.

One Pianta Token - 3 coins
Cake Mix - 6 Tokens
Super Shroom - 10 Tokens
Maple Syrup - 14 Tokens
Courage Shell - 15 Tokens
Life Shroom - 50 Tokens
Jammin' Jelly - 67 Tokens
Ultra Shroom - 67 Tokens
Membership Card - 100 Tokens
Gold Bar - 500 Tokens

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Pianta Parlor
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