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 Noki Bay

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PostSubject: Noki Bay   Noki Bay Icon_minitimeSat Jun 04, 2016 12:23 am


Noki Bay is located a fair distance north of Delfino Plaza. The Nokis live here in the platforms floating in the bay. The structures have shells on them, possibly because the Nokis carry shells on their backs. Many small square pictures on the cliffs can be pushed, revealing a secret alcove. They are actually switches hiding several hidden tunnels. Noki Bay is one of the most beautiful locations on the island, with crystal clear water and mysterious, old ruins. The main Noki City is actually underwater, though there are some tourist attractions on good old dry land.

There's a small hut along the water that rents out mud boats, allowing for easy access over the water. However, these boats are somewhat fragile and will break if you bash it into any surfaces, forcing you to pay full price for it. It's 50 coins to rent a boat, 200 coins to buy the boat.

There's a large red seashell atop one of the large pillars in the water. If you climb to the top, you can find some interesting items for sale here.

Scuba Gear - Allows one to survive underwater for an hour before needing to come up for air, thus allowing you to actually go to the underwater Noki City. There's also complimentary air refills in the city just in case. Costs 200 coins.

Noki Shell - A pretty shell from a Noki who's outgrown it. Small ones cost 15 coins. Adult-sized ones cost 50.

Gold Tooth - A large gold tooth retrieved from a rare giant eel. Costs 150 coins.

Ancient Vase - A large vase about the size of a human retrieved from one of the ancient ruins near the bay. Costs 125 coins.

Fresh Spring Water - Retrieved from a nearby freshwater spring. Costs 15 coins.

Just when you thought you escaped, Waluigi has bought the giant purple shell atop one of the pillars and converted it into a lovely WaBucks! The Noki decor has been kept, only Waluigi-ified. It doesn't offer as wide a selection as the one in the main Delfino Plaza, but it offers cheaper prices.

Woohoo Blend - A green coffee blended from the finest Woo beans. Admittedly Woo beans can be found all over the island, but you'll only get Waluigi quality here! Costs 10 coins.

Teehee Blend - A yellow coffee blended from small Hee beans. These beans are most commonly found in the mines when digging for ore and are usually discarded by miners. Well, more money for Waluigi! Costs 15 coins.

Chuckle Blend - A red coffee blended from exotic Chuckle beans. These beans can only be found in and around Chuckola woods, and these beans aren't cheap to come by. Costs 25 coins.

Hoohoo Blend - The only coffee here in its usual brown color. Made from the rarest beans on the island, and as such is the most expensive of the standard blends! Your choice if it's worth the price. Costs 45 coins.

Hoolumbian - A pale coffee made from Woo beans and Hoo beans. Costs 50 coins.

Chuckoccino - A pink cappuccino made from Woo beans and Chuckle beans. Costs 50 coins.

Waluigi Special - A purple coffee made from all the different types of beans, and the owner's personal favorite. Comes in a special cup with Waluigi giving you a thumbs up. Really seems to energize you more than any other coffee. Costs 100 coins.

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Noki Bay
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