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 Delfino WaBucks

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PostSubject: Delfino WaBucks   Delfino WaBucks Icon_minitimeSun Jun 05, 2016 2:59 pm

The largest store in the WaBucks chain, this store sports a very flashy exterior with palm trees planted out front, a huge purple Waluigi emblem above the front door with a gold outline, and a silver statue of Waluigi holding a coffee bean. The inside gives off a very classy look, only everything is purple. The one behind the counter is also the manager. Podler, the twin brother of Podley from Rogueport. Given the location, every drink has been given a slight markup of 10 coins. However, they also offer more than just coffee.

Woohoo Blend - A green coffee blended from the finest Woo beans. Admittedly Woo beans can be found all over the island, but you'll only get Waluigi quality here! Costs 20 coins.

Teehee Blend - A yellow coffee blended from small Hee beans. These beans are most commonly found in the mines when digging for ore and are usually discarded by miners. Well, more money for Waluigi! Costs 25 coins.

Chuckle Blend - A red coffee blended from exotic Chuckle beans. These beans can only be found in and around Chuckola woods, and these beans aren't cheap to come by. Costs 35 coins.

Hoohoo Blend - The only coffee here in its usual brown color. Made from the rarest beans on the island, and as such is the most expensive of the standard blends! Your choice if it's worth the price. Costs 55 coins.

Hoolumbian - A pale coffee made from Woo beans and Hoo beans. Costs 60 coins.

Chuckoccino - A pink cappuccino made from Woo beans and Chuckle beans. Costs 60 coins.

Waluigi Special - A purple coffee made from all the different types of beans, and the owner's personal favorite. Comes in a special cup with Waluigi giving you a thumbs up. Really seems to energize you more than any other coffee. Costs 110 coins.

Dangerous Delight - A dangerous dish made from a poison mushroom. Tastes great, but you may feel weak after eating it. Costs 10 coins.

Coco Pop - A brown lolipop with a white swirl made from coconuts. Costs 10 coins.

Electro Pop - A black lolipop with a yellow swirl made from an Electro Shroom. Costs 15 coins.

Fire Pop - A red lolipop with a yellow swirl made from a Fire Flower. Spicy and sweet. Costs 15 coins.

Cake - A pretty slice of cake with a strawberry on top. Costs 20 coins.

Yoshi Cookie - A big fruity cookie in the shape of a Yoshi. Really popular with them. Costs 20 coins.

Fruit Parfait - Ice cream with some of the island's famous fruits in it. Costs 20 coins.

Healthy Salad - A salad made from Turtley leaves and mushrooms. Costs 20 coins.

Omelette Meal - An omelette made from eggs and the island's mushrooms. Costs 30 coins.

Shroom Fry - A fried Mushroom. A favorite among Mushroom fanatics! Costs 30 coins.

Couple's Cake - Popular with couples for a reason, it is a large ice cream cake that simply cannot be eaten alone. Costs 50 coins.

Jelly Ultra - A very expensive treat made from an Ultra Shroom and Jammin' Jelly. Despite just being a sweet treat, it has amazing healing properties. Costs 150 coins.

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Delfino WaBucks
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