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 Celestial Lighthouse

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PostSubject: Celestial Lighthouse   Celestial Lighthouse Icon_minitimeMon Jun 06, 2016 2:28 pm

A towering pillar of white stone, the top of which would easily be lost in the area's fog on most days if not for the piercing beam of light revolving on the summit.

Most of Otenko's lighthouses are capable of running themselves, but as they are attuned to the sun and the surrounding area is overwhelmingly attuned to the moon, there were some complications.  As such, while the others stand on their own, this one was built up against the Hamasaki residence, and over the years taken as an addition rather than a separate building.

As such there are several rooms branching off the immense spiral staircase, built over the center rather than having a long view up and down.  The highest of these is Hoshi's room, directly below the beacon.  She spent a lot of her younger years sleeping in the beacon room and looking out over the ocean, so it seemed only right to give her her own balcony.

*Describe rest of house later*
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Celestial Lighthouse
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