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 The Glitz Pit

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The Glitz Pit Empty
PostSubject: The Glitz Pit   The Glitz Pit Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 3:02 am

The Glitz Pit is a large fighting arena where fighters from all over the Koopa Kingdom come to test their skills and determine who's the best. The main lobby is full of posters promoting the various fighters of the Glitz Pit, including and especially the champion. The champ himself can often be found in the lobby in the middle of a crowd of screaming fans, soaking up all the adoration and praise.

The arena itself is an elevated platform with a huge viewing area all around it, usually packed with spectators. There are two sides of the arena. The challenger on the red side, the opponent on the blue side.

The rest of the building is mostly the backstage area for the fighters and a few offices for the administration. There are several bodyguards that watch over the area ensuring no crazy fans make their way backstage. There are two types of locker rooms. The Minor League locker rooms are all fairly beat up and filthy. The administration has elected to keep it that way as an incentive for the fighters to climb through the ranks. The Major League locker rooms on the other hand are all neat and tidy, and even come with a few beds and restrooms. The champion has his own room where he prepares for his matches, usually clean with the exception of fan mail scattered all over the room.

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The Glitz Pit
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