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 Chuckola Woods

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PostSubject: Chuckola Woods   Chuckola Woods Icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 1:36 am

Chucklehuck Woods is a forest on the far west side of the Koopa Kingdom, and the only place in the world where Chuckola Fruit grows. Chuckola Fruit are oblong-shaped and have eyes and a mouth; their facial expressions can actually move and they can swing around on their branches, suggesting that they are sentient. There are three main types of Chuckola Fruit, each with their own unique flavor: Red Chuckola Fruit have a robust flavor, Purple Chuckola Fruit have a refreshing flavor, and White Chuckola Fruit have a tangy flavor. To create the Cola from these berries, they must be drenched in syrup and told jokes (the quality of both the jokes and fruit affect the final product).

The forest itself is dark and forbidding, filled with hostile piranha plants and other such dangers. Though there are safe zones where workers harvest the fruits of the forest.


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Chuckola Woods
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