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 Prelude to Calamity

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PostSubject: Prelude to Calamity   Prelude to Calamity Icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 10:42 pm

Outside a large stone temple, three figures converse; two men and a woman. One man was tall and armored, with a muscular build and flames sprouting from parts of his body. The other man was shorter, with a lankier frame, thin glasses, and long hair in a robe. The woman was dressed like how one would expect a gothic lolita to dress, in a frilly doll-like dress.

"I don't understand, Mercutio." The taller man inquires. "Why can't we just go kill them now and be done with them forever?"

"Fool. Do you really expect such a feat to be possible? Even if there are 3 of us, those brats are all very strong. And at our current power, we can't afford to take any risks like that. Even you should know that, Pyrrhon." The lankier man responds, with a glare that seemed to be quite standard for him.

"Well you're the smartypants, Mercky! What's our plan gonna be?" The woman asks cheerfully, swaying impatiently in place.

"We seek the assistance of the alchemist, Morticia. He was the closest to our master, and rumors have it he has a way to..."

"Whoa, hey! Didn't that guy turn over a new leaf or something? I heard he shut himself off to the world to invent new mixtures or some crap like that!"

"Yes, he did supposedly claim to no longer be under our master's control... However, I do have a contingency plan in case he does refuse our request." Mercutio grins deviously.

"Oooh! Heeheehee, does it have anything to do with you-know-who?"

"If you are referring to his precious little daughter, then yes."

"Such an underhanded and low tactic... But if it brings our master back..."

"Then he'll help us get rid of those little heroes' heirs before they figure out what we're up to?"

"That is the plan, at any rate. At least it should only be the scions causing us trouble... Without Little Miss Gods' Champion around to recruit them, and most of them dead, retired, or incapacitated anyway, their parents shouldn't be causing much trouble."

"Heeheeheehee, you can say that again!" Morticia smiles quite creepily as she giggles, holding onto a freaky looking doll in her arms.

"So where do we find this guy anyways?"

"I hear he's set up a nice home in Liemen. We'll just have to pay him a visit..."

"Haha, sounds like a lot of fun~"

"Just tell me who I need to set aflame for our master's return."

"Well... We've sat around long enough in this dreary place. What say we get going?"

The trio walk off, laughing smugly to themselves.
A young man awoke in a sweat not long afterwards. That didn't feel like just a dream at all... In fact, it sounded more like the start of something really bad happening. He gets up sneakily, careful not to awaken his wife, and jots down something on a piece of paper, leaving it at his secretary's desk before going back to bed.

"Contact Lina, Ashe, Hermes, Sunny, Alexander, Nexa and Mercy ASAP. There's big trouble brewing, and I think they and I are right in the middle of it."
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Prelude to Calamity
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